Differentiator / function generator?

Has either the Differentiator or the function generator been replicated in new modules? Are they still available or do they come up for sale often? They’re both very attractive modules at a good price and size!

@reverselandfill did this:

Order a kit here:


I’m selling a Triple Function Generator if you’re interested

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An adapted version of the Differentiator is still something I want to build.
My idea was to make a voltage controlled feedback Differentiator.
You can patch it up with some Cadets, but it takes a lot of cables. So a dedicated module would be great.

Currently I’m a bit stuck on the design. I’ll continue the Thread, maybe somebody can help me with the design!


Are there video examples anywhere? I don’t see any. Also does anyone know if setting this up for color means that it alters the original design and can’t be used the same as the original?

This looks great, I just couldn’t tell based on the description whether it functions along the lines of the original design or if this is something primarily intended for colorizing.

The Differentiator makes edges,my take on it would be to make iterations of edges…
These are some video examples in the design thread.
To do colored edges, you would need 3. Or do some creative patching with some mixers.

My Triple Function Generator is three times the original design with some routing options
The original Function generator is a sort of waveshaper / equaliser for light, medium and dark tints.
You can invert, boost and lessen those ranges, causing interesting shading effects.
To do RGB, you need 3 of these, which is why I made my version

these are the LZX demo video’s


This is gorgeous! Is there any way I could purchase this assembled? I think my boyfriend knows you. His name is Paul Tas and he owns Error Instruments in Amsterdam. I’d have him build it for me but he is so busy with his own modules.

I have the ‘triple function generator’ available, which I can build for you.
PM me!


Here’s a photo of the Sandin Differentiator with coloured jack nuts, Rainbow edition :rainbow: