DIY ALERT: Sandin IP PCBs: show us your builds and videos!

here is some stuff I did with the function generator (I fully intended to plug in the differentiator as well but didn’t even get to it and then suddenly an hour was just gone) this morning

@creatorlars I was getting some neat stuff going from luma => function gen => arch (mirror out) => arch 2 (mirror out) that gave me some staircase vibes (at least on video I haven’t tried with oscillators/ramps yet). Am I daft or would there actually be some crossover? I was also using a lot of the compositing functions on the visual cortex.

thank you so much @creatorlars and @jnoble for making this happen

I’m ever so excited to play with the vidiot luma processor and the function generator/arch combo


@mkho please check your messages.

Hey ya’ll! Finished my differ and fg. Thank you John Noble for sending those pcb’s out! I’ll be using them for projections tonight at the kenton club around 9pm if anyone wants to see it in action/interact with it. Here’s a sample of the sort thing I’ve been up to


Just got my pcbs in the mail today… will check back in after a couple feet of solder. Thanks again!

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ok, finally had some time to finish this. sourced some oak from the property I grew up on during a recent trip home. mostly happy about how the panel turned out tho i think one or two of those holes got away from me a bit. it was my first diy panel! looking forward to doing more.

as far as patching goes- really having fun with feedback cam into these two, especially outputting to the mapper. thats the patch in the video anyway.

thanks again to @jnoble and @creatorlars
also, thanks to @reverselandfill and @Branko for inspiring the panel


are these still available? just joined the community

Sorry, they are all gone. :frowning:

So I see these are all gone, any chance of another round? I’m interested in either DIY or built versions.

I have made a pcb layout, and could do another pcb run… if that is ok
I was thinking of joining the Differentiator with a mixer, for feedback patches.
Maybe it will fit on one pcb.

The Function generator could be a triple module , with inputs normalised. For easy luma re-coloring.
(this is what I do with my function generators most. it looks very good!)
There is also a schematic with a gain pot, maybe I’ll try that.


I would love one or two myself!

I would also love for another run to occur as I missed out on the first just barely!

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I like this idea a lot! Probably deserving of a new thread if you go on with it

yes, I would be on the run too.

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I too would love to have one of these modules!! Another round would be amazing!

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I’d also be interested in one of each!

see these threads:

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I too would be interested.

@creatorlars Are the schematics and/or PCB layouts for these Sandin modules posted anywhere? I don’t see them on the LZX github & I thought I had read previously that you intended to post them. Were they in the old website archive & didn’t get migrated over? Thanks!

I started my LZX jourmey around last September, and it took a while before I found the forum, so I totally missed this, too. Another round would be wonderful.