[WIP] 2HP Sandin IP Differentiator

Another work in progress post (lets hope I actually get some of these to an order stage!). I’m working on a 2HP Sandin IP Differentiator. It’s an identical circuit to the updated Differentiator (Original design by Dan Sandin, updated by Lars Larsen and Ed Leckie) just in the smaller form factor of 2HP. I really want to squeeze everything possible out of my 6U 84HP before I upgrade the case!

PCB is designed, I’ve just managed to fit everything onto two stacked PCBs. Vertically mounted resistors, both sides of the board used and a few other slightly dubious tricks have been employed in order to squeeze it all in - we’ll see how it comes together! It may end up being 3 stacked boards but I enjoy the challenge.

Will get the prototype boards on the same order as the Monostable and 2HP Buffer so hopefully should have a big chunk of P for all the WIP posts I’ve made recently :laughing:

In keeping with Dan’s original ‘Distribution Religion’ concept, boards will be available at cost, not for profit.


Neat! Differentiator is a cool utility filter/mixer. Curious to see how you managed to squeeze it into 2HP.