Using video signal for audio (in eurorack modular)

Using LZX video signals for audio… I’m curious and will explore this as I build up my rack

Would anyone here have played around with listening to their video?

If so, would you have advice for optimising the signal before it leaves the rack?
Critically, techniques to get a 1v unipolar to 5v bipolar and removing DC offset

Then I’m interested if you used any filtering or frequency dividing to shape the sound…

In a week or two I’ll be answering my own questions, and will reply with my experiences, but thought it’d be interesting to spark discussion and learn if it’s something others have explored - it’ll inform what audio modules I fit in a video-focused rack

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Pretty much any outboard audio mixer will handle the removal of DC offset as a matter of course, though you will get some big pops if you plug stuff in with the gains up.

A 1Vp-p signal is plenty hot for typical audio mixers.

I would be worried about large amplitude stuff above a couple kilohertz frying tweeters. It might be helpful to keep an oscilloscope on the output to catch potentially destructive signals beforehand.


Yeah, I’d want to use an audio low-pass filter if I was using speakers. However, I monitor exclusively on headphones.

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