Possibly A New Video Format Coming Out Of Hackerspace

I thought you guys might find this new large format modular video system interesting. My boyfriend, Paul Tas of Error Instruments, is at a festival in Switzerland right now and one of his colleagues has introduced a new analogue video system. Paul will be carrying these new modules at Error Instruments. But check it out: https://youtu.be/5o3zzh8HwRU


This thing, right? GitHub - mirdej/vmix


Yes, I think that’s a part of it. But he has some newer modules that he’s going to release.

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Been thinking about this for awhile. I wonder if there are any plans to make an NTSC version or how much change to the design would be necessary :thinking:

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That mixer in lzx format would be amazing!


Ah, The Synkie! https://synkie.net/ There are quite a few interesting module designs, but AFAIK no one has built up any of these modules or adapted them to LZX Format…

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