Vidiot and (non-video) eurorack

Which non-video eurorack modules do you use with your Vidiot (or Visual Cortex) and how do you use them?

When I’ve checked public racks on ModularGrid I haven’t seen many non-video modules.

analog waveshapers / filters etc
anything passive is worth a go
lfos/random (for modulation)

i have been using the Abstract Data Octocontroller for a lot of the synced movements i do in my vids.

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Here’s the modules i often use to complement my rack

  • ultra random analog
  • planar, sending modulation in this one and dispatch them with joystick
  • yarns, send trig from my octatrack or any other midi gear
  • just friends (good for harmonized modulation)
  • mangrove (waveform looks pretty good to me and easy to modulate)
  • dreadbox hades (complete waveform solution generator)
  • maths
  • erbe verbe (absolutly beautiful, going to filtering to osc and noise generator) my favorite texture generator for keyed elements
  • MI peaks (easy enveloppe)
  • pressure points (in live to have some preset)

also use the cwejman S1 in studio to have more waveform


There’s a thread here with some ideas:

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