Vidiot...and then?

Hi all

Lurking for a while now and absorbing all the great advice but have a few questions about where to go next.

We started out with a Vidiot then added the modules below to get some extra functionality:

We have a little bit of a budget now to start filling out the remaining 48hp in our case but are unsure where to go next. We currently do VJ work and music video production with heavy use of camera/mixer feedback but want to start adding more patterns/geometric shapes/animation using our LZX gear. We also use an Edirol V-4 with Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle and have access to an audio Eurorack system with plenty of utilities, sequencing etc.

Looking at the following 3 options:

Prismatic Ray
Color Chords

2 x Prismatic Ray

Prismatic Ray

Would really appreciate some thoughts/advice on this - particularly if anyone can see potential issues with sync/RGB encoding etc using one or more Prismatic Rays with the Vidiot.



I would probably go with the third (although I am still waiting on the shapechanger and it’s completely subjective). The staircase can give you some pretty cool multiply effects, I usually have it in the patch. Having two Prismatic Rays is nice, but I can easily make do with one. Color Chords is also really useful, but I don’t have enough patch cables to go around, so it usually doesn’t get as much use.


do you have other eurorack modules too? If so I’d start by patching those in - I particularly like using stages, maths and a doepfer distortion/wavefolder - amongst other eurorack modules

I have a single prismatic ray, color chords and staircase (and arch, bridge and sensory translator, that you already have) but I use a visual cortex, not a vidiot and have quite a few diy cadet/castle/etc modules - shapechanger and navigator are both on my list of potential future modules

you can see examples on my instagram


Thanks for the replies guys. Great visuals Jim - is that your music too?

Thinking that the Shapechanger is going to be something for the future for budget reasons so it’s looking like we’re going for the first option - Prismatic Ray, Color Chords, Staircase.

We’ve got a decent-sized audio Eurorack at home with both Maths & Stages and also 4MS QPLFO & QCD - will probably need to put them in a skiff to bring up to the studio as our Doepfer 9U isn’t so portable.

Do you know if we’ll be able to use to Vidiot to do the following:

  • sync the Prismatic Ray by sending a Square out from the Vidiot to the Sync In

  • encode the Color Chords RGB by sending it to the Colorizer RGB CV In on the Vidiot

It looks like we’d be able to do both but obviously keen to make sure before buying!


Yes it’s all mine!! :smiley: Thanks

Personally I’d leave the color chords for another time - check todays updates on my instagram - no color chords - really just staircase, prismatic ray, arch, vc and bridge (plus sensory translator) and the rest of the eurorack - get a 2nd staircase and a analogue 6hp wavefolder of some sort would be my advice

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What, no mapper module? I don’t have one (yet!) but certainly it would be a ton of fun with a Vidiot!

Thanks guys. My partner asked the same question on the Facebook group & someone suggested Doorway as an option which she was sold on straight away for keying camera feedback. We ended up going for that, Prismatic Ray & Staircase with an Intellijel uFold for the last 6hp - excited to see how it works with video.