Eurorack LZX modules + Vidiot

i wondered which of lzx’s lovely eurorack modules would pair particularly well with the vidiot?
are there any of the castle/cadet diy modules or the manufactured ones which would expand the vidiot’s possibilities?

i have an edirol v4 video mixer which probably covers some possibilities (multi, mirror, strobe and transistion effects)

i also have a diy analog substractive synth eurorack system with oscillators, lfo’s, sequencers, noise, s&h, clock divider, mixers, vca’s - in case that’s of any use for video synthesis (filters probably aren’t ?!).

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Anything that doesn’t need synch will work easily… bridge staircase curtains etc

Also worth trying audio modules too wavshapers lfos vcos etc…

Try patching the filters in… won’t do any harm…

Attenuators are useful…

The best “bang for your buck” modules in the Expedition line are Staircase and Arch. Both are relatively inexpensive, but can greatly expand the boundaries of what your Vidiot can produce.

Cadet modules can be a good start if you plan to expand toward a full video eurorack setup, but the most cost-effective way to do that is with a Visual Cortex. It would require far more $ and HP in Cadet modules to equal its functionality.

With your audio setup, I’d start by modulating the Vidiot with your LFOs to get some movement beyond desynced oscillators. Experiment with everything you’ve got, though. The more you play with video signals, the more you learn.


I’ll third Staircase. It really can give a lot of interesting movement once you add modulation to frequency and phase. Another neat Staircase trick is sending the three outputs into Color Chords, or some other mixer.

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thanks for your replies!
staircase seems to be everyone’ favourite - but it appears to be sold out everywhere.
would some castle diy modules make some good alternatives? i really don’t know enough yet about video synthesis.
lars also wrote in an email that it’s good to have e.g. staircase in a pair when used with the vidiot - is this because of horizontal and vertical modulation possibilities?

The Castle series is different from Staircase. It works best at creating “hard edged” patterns. Those modules (along with a Cadet sync generator for the VCO) could be a great addition to your Vidiot.
I find that searching YouTube and (perhaps especially) Instagram for LZX + module name to see some examples of the modules in action is the best way to get a sense of what they might add to my system.