Vidiot + '?' - Next Module?



Just asking for suggestions, but if you were starting out with the Vidiot …
what would be your next choice for a LZX module?

*thanks in advance.


staircase, pendulum, arch are my favorites that don’t require sync and are on the cheaper side

if you end up getting a couple of those and are still enjoying video synthesis

start considering what kind of things you want to make

that should inform your module purchases


I really appreciate the speedy response here, and from everyone that has replied to my various posts. Good advice. I’ve been interested in video synthesis for quite a while, but have just recently decided to dip my toes in the water. Got a Vidiot on order, so am looking around for ways to supplement it. Thanks!


in these two videos the vidiot is getting combined with the larger system
there are more of these kind of videos on my account there

the vidiot is a great starting point but has gotten so much more integral now that I finally got it setup like I want

sync coming out of the vessel case into the composite in on the vidiot then I can use visual cortex as the “sync master” and just patch in and out of the vidiot with RCA or 1/8 outputs


I’ve recently grabbed my Vidiot and begun to really put some time in with it again. CURTAIN! My current recommendation is Pendulum + Curtain. Curtain can really add some subtleties and depth, especially when patched into the LumaProc CVs…


any of the DIY lzx modules you would recommend for adding to the vidiot?


the closest to DIY modules that I have are the sandin IP function generator and differentiator

function generator in combination with the luma processor of the vidiot is just golden

the differentiator is good fun too but I haven’t used it specifically with the vidiot just yet I don’t think