Recommendations for complementary modules w/ Chromagnon and/or Vidiot

Hi there - I’m a relative newb when it comes to modular video and a lot of the discussion there flies right over my head. That said, I’ve been a proud owner of Vidiot since the day it launched and I love it, but always wanted more built-in modulation capabilities (LFOs and such). I dipped my toe into the Eurorack format with the addition of a Fortress module, which did give me some LFOs to work into Vidiot (along with a killer low-res pattern generator to mix in to the output). I also have a Chromagnon on pre-order, as I am not about to miss out on a next gen all-in-one system as a replacement for the Vidiot (plus, lasers…). Anyway, since Chromagnon is imminently shipping this year, it got me thinking about other LZX Eurorack-based modules I might want to use in conjunction w/ Chromagnon when it comes out. What might be some good tools that would complement the capabilities? Will I want more inputs (e.g. TBC2), modulation, ways to mix the Vidiot and Chromagnon together, or what? Just curious what this well-educated community would recommend as my next Eurorack-based module purchase. The 10%-off sale got me interested in considering an additional piece to my kit. Thanks in advance!


I definitely recommend Proc, SMX, and FKG3 (when it’s back in production). Those will allow you to mix and key the modules that you already own.


Anything that generates ramps will add value. However, modules with ramp outputs will also require a sync input. So I like jwsmithwick1’s suggestions.


On further reflection, add some ramps too. Just remember to sync with Chromagnon.


Definitely check out the VH.S gear. The submixer and Baja are essential modules. I use them in every patch. Crossfade too. The Aural Scan looks amazing and I bet it will carve its own place in the pantheon of “go to” modules.


Thank you both for your suggestions! I’ve got some research to do on these, but will loop back if I have any follow-up Qs! Good reminder about sync as well.


I’ve been thinking on the same thing. I don’t have a vidiot or any other LZX gear except for a Chromagnon preorder though. I came from the modular synth side and am moving more into video. I also preordered the VH.S Aural Scan as I am looking to do live visuals for live music and the synced envelopes from three separate audio sources(which can be routed from a mixers aux sends to allow selection of what sounds you want to effect the visuals, kick, guitar/bass solo, etc.) will be amazing to work with. I am also looking at Stairs, DSG3, and Countour to start with. I also have an Acid Rain Maestro which can be set to work with LZX 1v for six programmable modulation channels. I will be using a Makenoise Tempi for a clock so I can easily tap tempo to match what’s happening live and a Mystic Circuits Tree/Leaves combo. The Leaves will be used on a Freedom Enterpise Mismatcher that doesn’t follow the LZX 1v setup and tree can send gates throughout the system. It all works in my head, but I’m waiting on Chromagnon to know for sure.

Proc, DSG3, Crossfade, Swatch, Baja, Scanners

That tip on the Acid Rain Maestro is gold, thanks!

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