LZX Chromagnon - pairing it with Structure?

Been pondering the upcoming LZX Chromagnon module to pair with my Structure. Is there any reason to think that plugging the output signal of Structure into the Chrogmanon in any way could work any better at upscaling the signal Structure sends out than say a “regular” upscaler?

I mean, I imagine it won’t be any better, but just checking in with the experts to hear your opinion.


Anyone know or care to guess? :slight_smile:

It’s still not out yet (LZX are just building prototypes now) so no one knows.

Ah, ok. Cheers. :slight_smile: Are there any videos of it in use anywhere? Haven’t found anything yet.

There will be no Chromagnon videos until LZX builds a functional prototype. This work is proceeding very slowly with the pandemic still upon us–but it is proceeding.


Completely understand that! Thanks for the feedback. :slight_smile: