To Chromagnon or not to Chromagnon?

I have a Chromagnon on order from 1-1-20, #47 pre-order. I have a nice selection of LZX modules. I am starting to run out of rack space. Is there anything the Chormagnon does that can not be done with current and past LZX modules (excluding Vidiot and and Visual Cortex)?

I think there’s a long list of things Chromagnon can do that can’t be accomplished with a reasonable number of modules. For starters, it’s a full-blown scan processor a la the Rutt-Etra synth, complete with built-in automation.

Chromagnon marks a whole new epoch in video synths. Details are scarce, but from a look at the front panel it’s a modulation powerhouse. I doubt anyone will be disappointed.

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Since rack space was mentioned, it’s worth noting that Chromagnon comes in it’s own enclosure, so you don’t have to rack it if you don’t want.


hey there, yea think it’s best just to hold onto yr preorder. the form factor alone, in it’s own case is gonna mean you’re more likely to take it, as opposed to a larger system, to gigs and such…

so many methods of synthesis, and yea, the rutt-etra is a huge selling point for me. no more fumbling and repatching each time you just want the one look.