Chromagnon vs Visual Cortex

Is the Visual Cortex the only module that will process full color video or will the Chromagnon have this feature as well? Just trying to understand my options :slight_smile:

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The two modules are a little different in this regard. Chromagnon will convert CVBS to LZX 1V RGB, whereas Visual Cortex only decodes component signals to RGB (and CVBS to 1V luma). Whether Chromagnon will also decode component and S-video is still undecided.

TBC2 is another option. It decodes two full channels of CVBS, component, s-video, and VESA/VGA (the latter with an optional expander).


Thank you! So Chromagnon will be the perfect pair to the Vidiot, and I should wait for it’s release instead of going for a visual cortex now? :slight_smile:

Cortex is more of a video mixer and Chromagnon is more of an XY video synth, but they’ll have some overlap (video i/o, ramps, modulation, colorizing). If you had all three, you wouldn’t be mad.


I’d just like to throw in one opinion: If LZX is still deciding whether Chromagnon should have component decoding or not, I would take that over S-Video any day. There are already passive adapters that allow S-Video to composite conversion, and that step down is not as steep as component to composite. I think having component decoding at the end of the day would serve more old (and less old) gear well than the number of things on which the S-Video format might be found. Just one thing I know I’d miss if I gave up my VC for a Chromagnon.

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As we now know it has component in
For me - I’ve just ordered a Chromagnon - so come the end of March, hopefully I’ll have a combined VC and Chromagnon centred system

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Is there a possibility that Chromagnon will also have an unpopulated YPbPr output header on the back, like Cortex does? I’ve been planning to mount a BM Analog to SDI inside my case fed from that header, and I’m curious if that will lock me into keeping Cortex as the last module in the chain.


It isn’t likely that Chromagnon will have a rear header for component.