Current generation 'starter' system

Hi everyone,

After getting to know the Vidiot pretty well, I decided I want to start building a modular system.

Ideally I would have started with a Visual Cortex, Prismatic Ray and Staircase (to maybe later add Shapechanger and Color Chords).

Unfortunately it seems in the EU it is no longer possible to get any of these modules (not even second hand).

So my question is: what would be a good starter system given the currently (or in the near future) available modules? I would think something like:

  • Chromagnon
  • Diver
  • ??

The Vidiot could probably be a central piece of this new configuration but I would like to set up a system without the Vidiot.

Thanks in advance!

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Chromagnon is designed to meet your needs (you have a Vidiot, but would prefer a core synth in eurorack format). Once you have Chromagnon, you can go in any direction your work demands. Sensory Translator, Staircase, Pendulum, Bridge, Arch…there are a number of good Expedition series complements. Chromagnon + Fortress, Memory Palace, Escher Sketch, or Diver would also work beautifully. You will know better what you need next after spending some time with Chromagnon.

Another direction would be to go with an all-Orion setup. TBC2 + Diver + Memory Palace + Escher Sketch & Fortress makes a very powerful video synthesizer capable of complex pattern creation or elaborate processing of external sources. Add Vidiot to that mix and you’ll have a deep well of possibilities.


Thank you, makes sense. Getting to know the Cromagnon first and expanding from there seems like the best idea for me.

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