Critique my system plan?

Hi. I know this is an extreme plan but I’m just wondering if anyone would want to chime in with obvious redundancies or comment on which aspects might be outdated and replicated in a newer module. Any glaring omissions? Also, what sync signal flow would be best? This is just a long term plan but I’m wondering how this would all work together? Thanks!

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I’d suggest to get less.
You will never work out the correct workflow if you just get everything.
it is too much to take in.

Get a starter system with the visual cortex and some modules, and work from there.


Thanks. I don’t actually intend to buy all of this at once. I’m just thinking long-term in terms of workflows that interest me and how it could all work together with sync etc. It seems like the visual cortex is still a core module in spite of the new stuff though. It’s a little confusing because so many things seem to get discontinued so quick and people say that other things are “replaced” by a new module when they don’t actually mean functionality replaced they just mean the old one’s been discontinued and now this new thing is being made instead.

I would suggest getting Chromagnon and Memory Palace first. After using the two together for a while you will get a sense of what else you might need to accomplish your goals. More processing? More modulation? Broadened ability to create complex patterns? You’ll know what to get when you run into an “I wish I could do this” situation.


When I first got into Eurorack I planned a massive system that I intended to build over time as I could afford it. I ended up only getting about 10% of the modules I planned because as I learned how to take advantage of everything, I found my needs were quite different from what I initially thought.


That would be a killer setup at the end! But yeah very overwhelming if all at once, not to mention difficult to acquire some modules. Starting with a Visual Cortex (or Chromagnon) and Memory Palace is a good start. I feel you though in a larger rig because it helps when watching excellent vids by LZX and Johnny Woods!


One thing to add is that several of the Cadet modules you have there use the deprecated sync method. From what I understand, one can (and people do) intermix the two, but it might streamline things a bit if you avoid those.

This thread might also have some useful info for you, as you start to plan for the future:

I imagine much of the timing of that plan has been totally thrown off by C19, but it seems the general plan still holds. And always hard to tell what the development time is realistically going to be with LZX stuff, but there are some exciting things on the horizon (notably Visionary Series II).


Useful topic! I’m just starting out myself (although I’ve had an Erogenous Tones Structure for a few months). I pre-ordered a Chromagnon the other day, and ordered a Memory Palace yesterday (hooray for paying too much tax in 2019!). I reckon those two together will be dynamite! I’m wondering if it will be possible to route the output of Chromagnon into the MP, then MP into Structure, and then Structure back into Chromagnon for upscaling and output - that would be sweet!

I also started planning out a more detailed system, but think I’ll just have to go piece by piece anyway, see what I “need”. Anyways, would be interesting to hear what you go for eventually. :slight_smile:

Yes, that would be an exciting feedback loop.
Chromagnon RGB outputs to Memory Palace RGB inputs, then Memory Palace RGB outputs to Structure RGB inputs, then Structure CVBS output to Chromagnon CVBS input!


Ah, sweet! Thanks for confirming that to be a possibility. Awesome! :smiley:

You don’t need two Cadet ramp generators. You could just use a passive mult to get copies of the ramps.


This is exactly the type of commonsense appraisal I was looking for.

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Staircase and sensory translator are great to get ASAP as well. :yum::+1:

2 MPs, Structure, and Vidiot are the heart of my system at the moment, and it’s been great. Everything else is mostly modulation sources.

So excited for Chromagnon to join the party!:partying_face:

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#Chromagnon is basically a Navigator, Shapechanger, Mapper, Cyclops and Staircase all rolled into one with some additional extras like the ramp generator so at least half a row of modules can instantly be taken out of the virtual case.
Chromagnon definitely doesn’t replace the Visual Cortex but hopefully something else will in early 2021. Until then, the MP hdmi output will be a good option.
Diver will have code for an oscillator in a future firmware update, arguably this replaces the Prismatic Ray (PR) but I’ve heard people saying they thought the output of the Diver was too digital and definitely lacked something compared to the PR.


Far out, that looks a bit dated compared to the latest revision - not saying it’s outright bad, but it pales in comparison to the fantastic new look!

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Ha ha, I honestly hadn’t thought of the updates since this image was uploaded. I went looking & you’re right, the difference in layout is big and the more intricate ramps selection process is great to see.
I’ve reuploaded this older image when I thought it’s colour coded layout would help us figure out what exactly the Chromagnon is & how it’ll fiit into our various systems & work flows.
@Z0NK0UT, we need an updated image & more info :sweat_smile:
Please, please, please with video :star_struck::low_brightness::high_brightness::film_projector:

Agreed! It will take some more time to get there.

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Any developments in your planned rig since you originally created this @Vidoray?
I realised there’s no Polar Fringe in your setup. Maybe because it’s basically implimented into Chromagnon, as well as a TBC I’ve only learned about last night during the Video Study Group online chat session.
You’d definitely want more than a single Cadet X Multiplier in there, it’s an epic module. As much as I like the Cadet VIII Keyer, with a Doorway and Topogram in there, it’ll definitely be redundant but it’s only 4HP.
On saying that, with all of the news about the 2021/2022 roadplan and the discounting of so much of the Expedition line, alot of this rig will only be possible through buying used modues.
I’m curious to see how your thoughts and plans may have changed or morphed since last summer.