Which module to begin with

Hello LZX community.

I wanted to ask you guys which module are best to start with. I don’t own any at the moment.

Basically I’m interested in filling the system with video and try to alter it in various way. As far as I understand, Visual Cortex is good one, and Color Cords looks like something that would good to have too for playing with colors. What else would be a must have for starter ?


Here’s some build guides for starter systems.

Hi, thank you for the link but unfortunately a few key modules in the System Build Examples are out of stock when I’m writing this post.
I took the time to read the documentation and watch quite a few video about LZX modules.

So if my understanding is correct, the Visual Cortex is right now the only module that has a video input so it is the entry point of the system. Also it can be used to create basic ramps and shapes.

War Of The Ants looks cools as it is a noise/glitch machine.

The Prismatic Ray is not available but it seems that the Pendulum is also an oscillator so I guess those are very useful to animate inputs on other modules ? What are the main differences between the two ?

Arch modules seems to be used for shaping a signal in various way, so using it together with a Pendulum would gives even more possibilities of animation effect ?

Passage, is a signal mixer, so I guess if I have one signal coming from War of the Ants and one from a Pendulum I could mix them together and control something else ?

Marble Index sounds like a video mixer but it cannot create effect in itself ?

And finally the last available module at this moment is the Mapper which is used for changing color space from HSV to RGB right ?

Sorry for all those questions but I’m very new to this.


Prismatic ray is a video voltage controlled oscillator… it runs at vertical or horizontal rates

Pendulum is a dual lfo (low frequency oscillator) so it runs at animation rate…

There is another video vco ( cadet series) but you need to build it yourself or find someone to do it for you - there is a list of builders on the forum somewhere

Do you have a eurorack synth already and a case? If so you could try a regular audio vco and a wave multiplier to get you into the same frequency range as the PR -might work

Nb the VC has both horizontal and vertical ramps and has a basic version of most video synth functions so can get you a fair way on it’s own…

Just get the VC and any of the other available modules and have a play… then get a prismatic ray and / or staircase or whatever when thay are available (should be soon i hope)

And don’t forget that doubling modules is really cool too!!!