Thoughts on my 1st setup?

I recently acquired this setup and have just started my video endeavors with LZX. Any thoughts on with where I am at right now?

  • Visual Cortex
  • War of the Ants
  • Prismatic Ray
  • Passage
  • Doorway
  • Color Chords
  • Sensory Translator

Would Staircase be an essential addition?

staircase is a great module - so if you can find one then go for it

but all the functionality of the expedition series will be available again - in the new line, eventually so I wouldn’t worry too much if you can’t find it do a quad frequency doubler that is vaguely similar to 1/2 of staircase - but no modulation inputs or phase

do you have any other eurorack gear - you could do with some modulation (and attenuation for that modulation) and possibly waveshapers


Second the call for modulation- really surprises me how few people have LFOs in their racks


Congrats on the acquisition. What case are you using to house the modules?
If you have 208HP total, you might consider something like this. You could sub Staircase for Pendulum, of course.

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All the above recommendations are excellent. A staircase (or other multiplier circuit) would be a nice complement to that system because you can use that to process ramps to complement the prismatic ray. This will enable you to create both horizontal and vertical bars. You should seriously consider getting a Bridge (or two). The scaled multiples will allow better interaction with your 5v eurorack modules. The mixer and crossfader sections are useful and can be even patched into a 4-quadrant multiplier.


I would totally recommend Diver.
Together with sensory translator and Memory Palace is a killer combo.


Thanks for all the responses! Right now everything is housed in a 6U 84/114 HP powered case with Doepfer PSU-3 power supply, so I have a bit of extra space. I own no other Eurorack gear, but I do have this chained with an Edirol V-4 and some circuit-bent processors. Seems like I am lacking modulation
at the moment.

Pendulum or any LFOs that can be natively scaled to 0-1V would be useful. There’s far more than this available, especially if you don’t mind using rack space to attenuate or scale voltages, but a few ideas:

BSO Bajascillator

ALM Pamela’s New Workout

Ornament and Crime

Xaoc Devices Zadar

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O&C is a good recommendation, because it’ll give you a taste of what different functions can do for you - envelopes, LFOs, chaos, step sequencer etc.
It does take a bit of menu diving to navigate, so you may find once you land on a desired function it’d be worth buying a dedicated module.

Regarding scaling… with an attenuverter on every CV input in that rack, and LZX handling full range on the CV, a scaler wouldn’t be critical for now, would it?

You’re correct that it’s not critical to scale incoming voltages on LZX modules to avoid frying anything.
They either have +/-12V rail to rail op amps or clipping diodes that prevent overvoltages on components that don’t tolerate +/-12V supplies.

However, if you put 5V into an attenuverter versus 1V, the apparent resolution of control on that attenuverter will be decreased. Only a small portion of the pot will give you meaningful attenuversion.

Totally jealous! Grab a Brown Shoes Only triple lfo and you’re set. But you’re kinda set already. I’d love to have Curtain and Color Chords.

I second the Zadar. You can set it to a crazy 1 day/cycle.

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@Fallinggirl Good idea going BSO.

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Always a staircase in my opinion! I use it the most!


me too - in every patch since I got it I think - multed and/or mixed ramps from VC and/or Prismatic Ray oscillations processed on the way in, out or both - and I often use the outputs for modulation - hmm never tried feedback mixing into it though - so I’m going to go try it now!