Extend from MemoryPalace

Hello guys,

I will receive my memory palace (with a vessel) soon and I have a budget to buy some other modules. I also own PrismaticRay.

What would be some interesting modules to go for next ? I’m thinking of these ones :

Arch : to create different modulation curve coming from the PrismaticRay.
PrismaticRay : well one more because it seems the most important and useful to animate parameters on the MemoryPalace.
WarOfTheAnts, because it’s cool to have noisy textures.
ColorCords, to play with coloration effect. But I saw a video where it is possible to colorize stuff directly with MemoryPalace, so not sure if this one is relevant.
Pendulum : but isn’t PrismaticRay doing the same already ?
Passage : for mixing different video sources, but I think I will have only one source coming from MemoryPalace.

I’m not planning to get all at the same time but I would love to have some advices from you who already have experience in LZX and own some of them.

Thank you

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Hi @lecloneur . Memory Palace is super fun, I’m excited for you

Pendulum is nice because it has two oscillators in less HP space in your case than Prismatic Ray, and it allows you to use those LFOs for animation-speed tasks while keeping your Prismatic Ray in Range 3/4 to synthesize video waveforms. Pendulum has a voltage-controlled crossfader built-in as a bonus.

If you don’t get Pendulum, I’d put another LFO on your shopping list as a priority. Eurorack audio will work too. As you’ve seen online with Prismatic Ray, it’s nice to animate Memory Palace, but it’s an expensive animator (as its value lies in the video range) – Pendulum and other LFOs with multiple oscillators have real value in this role.

Besides animation, I like the effect of ramps more than noise or a second Ray. They’re great for both soft background gradients as well as foreground elements for Memory Palace compositions & feedback. You can get those out of Cadet modules, Visual Cortex, or the upcoming Diver. If you don’t have Visual Cortex, I’d consider it. It’s still the brain of an ultimate LZX Memory Palace-centric system. Video in & out with color & channel mixing/compositing, ramp outputs, front-plate sync outputs, keying. I can understand if you’re holding out for TBC2, but Cortex is far more utilitarian than just its video inputs.

Hi, thanks for your answers.

So I guess a good start is to have two PrismaticRay, as seen in the LZX videos. One for horizontal and one for vertical.
Pendulum, if I understand correctly is doing something similar but it NOT generating visual effect, but is used for animation instead.
VisualCortex is not available (and won’t be for a while I guess) so I’m thinking about getting other stuff first.

I putted together this :

Basically I will receive the MP and the vessel together, one PrismaticRay is already arrived.
To what’s available where I leave, I could get one more PrismaticRay and two pendulum. Then within my budget, I can add Arch or Passage but not sure which one would be more appropriated for me now.

What I’m after is having a video input which I can modulate to have some weird effect and composition before output it again (sounds like what everybodys is after…)

Can the PrismaticRay get a video signal as input and create some weird stuff on it ? or is it only a pattern generator ?
Or, can I get something out from the MemoryPalace going through PrismaticRay and come back again.
I think MarbleIndex is the module used for compositing different video signal as layer…

Thank for the help.

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Hey @lecloneur It’s all a lot more fluid and open than you’re imagining, just about anything can modulate anything. Meaning you can use video to modulate Prismatic Ray’s patterns and mix with them, etc. Prismatic Ray is a great building block module because each one incorporates an amplitude modulator (Multiply) and a mixer (Pedestal), so you can cross patch them for days. Even though you don’t have an external video input yet, you could use the outputs from Memory Palace to modulate the rays for sure. You can create feedback loops like this as well. What you’re proposing above looks like lots of fun.


Got it ! Thanks, I will go with this setup then.

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