All About ESG3 Encoder & Sync Generator

ESG3 Encoder is our third generation of video synthesis core modules, offering everything you need to convert voltages from your EuroRack synthesizer into HD/SD Component and SD Composite video signals.

  • Programmable output and sync reference format: NTSC, PAL, 240p60, 486p5994, 576p50, 720p50, 720p5994, 720p60, 1080i50, 1080i5994, 1080i60, 1080p2398, 1080p24, 1080p25, 1080p2997, 1080p30.

  • HD/SD component and composite video encoding with a fully analogue signal path.

  • RGB proc amp with brightness, contrast, inversion and mute per channel.

LZX Gen3 Design Standards

  • Long lifespan pots, jacks and mechanical switches.
  • Toggle switches latched to vertical refresh.
  • Active switching and gain control of the entire signal path.
  • Integrated ultra low noise power supplies.
  • Powered via 12V DC barrel or EuroRack power header.
  • Mounting depth 42mm max, with either power option installed.


  • 12HP EuroRack Module
  • Power +12V @ 300mA

DIP Switch Settings

Format Setting
NTSC 0000xxxx
PAL 1000xxxx
480p5994 0100xxxx
576p50 1100xxxx
1080i5994 0010xxxx
1080i60 1010xxxx
720p5994 0110xxxx
720p60 1110xxxx
1080i50 0001xxxx
1080p2398 1001xxxx
720p50 0101xxxx
1080p2997 1101xxxx
1080p24 0011xxxx
1080p25 1011xxxx
1080p30 0111xxxx
240p60 1111xxxx
RGB Out xxxxxxx1
YPbPr Out xxxxxxx0

Front Panel Trim Pots

  • Top row: RGB gain
  • Bottom row: RGB brightness

Coming soon…

Other Resources


Will ESG auto-calibrate to the sync format on it’s sync input or would it need to be set to match?


Sync needs to be set manually, with the DIP switches, to the desired sync format.


Is there information available regarding front panel trimmers?


Top row is RGB gain and bottom row is RGB brightness.


What procedure do you advise for calibrating ESG3 with a vectorscope?

Here is an explanation, should you find it necessary to perform a detailed color balance using a vector scope:


Thank you for providing this resource on color balance by vector scope. I am rather asking for whatever protocol HQ may be using to efficiently calibrate ESG3 hardware before shipment. I ask because it was necessary to adjust mine and that adjustment was challenging due to the interaction of gain and offset. A reference of such adjustment from the manufacturer for this module will be a great time saver for LZX and consumer alike. Such a reference is sometimes found in user manuals for products with similar general function. With that in mind this thread seems like the proper place for this inquiry and any forthcoming resources to collect.


Absolutely, once there is time to create a step-by-step guide for user calibration, a link will be posted in this “All About…” thread. In the meantime, color balancing can be performed using the module’s trim pots and the information in the link I shared. However, most image adjustments will be performed using the contrast and brightness knobs on the front panel. They are there to allow the user to tailor the output of ESG3 to the desired aesthetic.