Why is my external video source scrolling?

Depending on the module(s) being used or external video source its always related to video synchronization. Either the system is not setup correctly for sync to be distributed for all of the modules that require sync or the video being sent to the input decoder is the wrong video format or resolution. Please submit a support ticket and list all gear in use so we can help you diagnose the issue. If Visual Cortex is receiving a video signal external source, the lock sync status LED in the top left of the module should indicate green when syncing from that source. If it is Red, then it is not able to lock to the external source and you should check that your external video source is sending at 480i. If you are certain your external camera/video source is sending at 480i, but the Visual Cortex sync indicator is still red, try using another cable as it may be the issue. Make sure the monitor, projector etc that you are using to view the LZX system is at 480i.

Hi Lars

I think I need a little help!

can’t see how to raise a ticket so I’m posting here

the lock sync status LED is flashing on my new Visual Cortex

I am outputting video from from lumen, running on a late 2016 macbook pro 13" (escape key)

video chain is mbp -> usbc/hdmi adapter -> portta video converter (hdmi->compionent/vga) -> visual cortex

macbook video output is 480p (this is the only setting where the output is anyway near stable and not just black)

this displays from the portta on the tv perfectly, which thinks it’s seeing 480i when receiving via vc, but 480p directly from the portta

prismatic ray is synced via rca cable

castle vco is synched on the bus

ntsc and decoder are selected on the visual cortex, as are the bus sync dip switches

the case is a tip top mantis

I have tried swapping cables between the video converter and the vc and the vc and the tv to no avaiil

I have tried multiple usbc->hdmi converters (amazon basic, apple and startech) no difference

the portta hdmi-> component and vga converter is the same brand and almost identical spec to the portta hdmi->component converter, which was suggested as working in the macbook->vc thread

example video:

my best guess is thst the vc is expecting 480i input but is getting 480p, which is causing the scrolling - but how to convert or mitigate this? I’m googling

do you have any ideas on how to fix this???

thanks in advance


PS I could also use vga out (again via usbc adapter)