What is the LZX Video Sync Distribution Cable?

What is this cable for and when would I want to use it?

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There have been 2 standards for distribution of master sync signals in the history of the LZX video synthesis standard. Current production modules use rear RCA connectors for sync distribution, whereas DIY modules use the 14-pin Sync Distribution Cable. Unless you are attempting to connect legacy (Visionary series) modules, or building DIY modules from the Cadet and Castle series, you do not need this cable.


When will this cable be back in stock for purchase? It’s been OOS for some time.

Are the RCA cables not just normal cable that you can buy everywhere?
Or are these shielded is some special way?

They are normal RCA cables. The ones we sell are specifically right angle low profile connectors, which were made by request to help system owners with shallower cases and to keep cable lengths short.

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@brdaniell They’re on our restocking list.

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Can you explain the old Cadet-style sync cable? I have a Ramps and a bunch of LZX expedition modules including a Visual Cortex that I use as the sync source for those modules. I imagine I plug one connector into the Sync Out on the Visual Cortex and another into the Sync In on the Ramps, is that it? No connection to the bus board, right???

This is correct for syncing Cadet ramps/VCO/RGB encoder, you need a 14-pin ribbon cable connecting these modules to a sync source. The sync cable is basically a 14-pin flying busboard cable so you can chain as many of these modules as you want, using VC or Cadet I as a sync source. I just put a bunch of extra headers on a long ribbon cable to be able to attach more Cadet modules in the future. Castle VCOs and some Visionary series modules receive sync over the CV/gate pins on an ordinary Eurorack busboard, instead of the 14-pin sync cable – both VC and Cadet I will also generate gate/CV sync.

So just to be clear, we don’t connect it to the bus board and the big plug at one end doesn’t have to be in the sync out of the module that originates sync, right?

Correct, don’t connect the sync distribution cable to your bus board (the pin counts are different). It connects your sync generator directly to your Cadet modules.

The white connector at one end of the sync distribution cable is a male connector for daisy chaining additional 14 pin sync cables,
so that if you have more than 4 VCOs/ramps/etc that need sync you can chain multiple sync cables together. All the modules that use this sync method will use the black female connectors to plug into the keyed/shrouded headers on the backs of the modules.

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