What is the LZX Video Sync Distribution Cable?


What is this cable for and when would I want to use it?

Admin note: This question was originally asked by Travis on the former LZX Knowledgebase


There have been 2 standards for distribution of master sync signals in the history of the LZX video synthesis standard. Current production modules use rear RCA connectors for sync distribution, whereas DIY modules use the 14-pin Sync Distribution Cable. Unless you are attempting to connect legacy (Visionary series) modules, or building DIY modules from the Cadet and Castle series, you do not need this cable.



When will this cable be back in stock for purchase? It’s been OOS for some time.


Are the RCA cables not just normal cable that you can buy everywhere?
Or are these shielded is some special way?


They are normal RCA cables. The ones we sell are specifically right angle low profile connectors, which were made by request to help system owners with shallower cases and to keep cable lengths short.


@brdaniell They’re on our restocking list.