How should I sync several Cadet IV VCOs

Hi! I have a visual cortex, and it can sync one of my cadet VCOs via the 14pin, how can I go about syncing further VCOs? I have only one output on the VC and I cant see a direct way to daisy chain my VCOs,
reference: Connecting your sync generator to other modules

You can just connect the VC output to multiple cadets, it’s a parallel bus.
What you’re probably missing is a cable with multiple connectors, or a sync distribution backplane.

Here’s the Video Sync Distribution Cable that @transistorcat mentioned.

I’ve made a sync busboard for that, see here:

thanks very much for your suggestions,
one question, what are the benefits of the sync busboard vs the sync cable? I just need to sync 2 OSC for now, but might need to sync one or two more down the road.

The syncbusboard was designed for large systems with several modules that need sync,
the sync signals are buffered for better stability.
It features 10x sync out and also 1 or 2x RCA out.

Personally I like having a busboard instead of flying cables (which I find hard to DIY)
also, I like to minimise loose cables inside my case…