Interview series. Question collection thread

I had an idea:

Let’s interview the makers of video synthesizers.

The questions can be asked by everyone here.
We collect them in this thread and when there are enough questions, I will make a interview Thread.

Possible people to interview: (I’ll PM/mail them to ask if they are ok with this)
Lars Larsen
Phil Baljeu (Castle modules)
Gijs Gieskes
Jonas Bers (CHA/V)
Jason Grlicky (from Lumen)
Eli (from Mystic Circuits)
Erogenous tones
Nick (Brownshoesonly)
1010 Music
-add more

How did you start with video synthesis / video art?
What was your first video equipment?
What is your (electronics) background? Where did you learn to do this?
How do you come to a module design?
Can you describe your process? - from idea to product
Where does your inspiration come from? (people / art / movies)

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i’ll answer most questions you throw at me…!


don’t forget the people at erogenous tones

and nick with Brownshoesonly !

the people at 1010 music


1st post edited… and please add your own questions!

what is a work of video art you feel anyone working in the field should see

what is your favorite media format

favorite shape

1 piece of gear you believe you would keep forever

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