Video art study group

We are starting a video synth discussion/study group
December 28, 2020 1:00 PM EST → December 28, 2020 2:00 PM will be the first

We’ll say an hour for now but I would be open to more. Ultimately this is something I’d like to be weekly/bimonthly.

@Zifor and I were having a discussion last night that really solidified this is something that needs to happen. There are several different places for community activity at this point and we feel like it would be good to do some condensing/organizing. This is already a very giving/kind community and we will get so much more done by truly “seeing” each other.

My goal is to have something that is less focused on the video output and more focused on discussion. Showing the studio setup, monitor/mixer choices, different ways to record/playback, programming RPI synths, making your own sample packs there is so much to talk about.

There is a streaming service hosted online that could be good or perhaps just zoom.

this is partially going to be something of a data collection venture for the community patch book I started as I’m wanting more information to fill out the FAQ section.

I hope to see some familiar non-synthesized faces :slight_smile:

keep the chat safe


Awesome to read this here @wednesdayayay :+1:t3:

For the Berlin people, I’ll tag ye here just incase notice of this doesn’t get to you before it happens.

@destroythings, @horacio2222, @VanTa, @cyberboy666


perfect timing , thanks!
I really look forward to learning from many more experienced people than myself :slight_smile:


Might i suggest a discord , or using the LZX discord if permissible , or would Scanlines be an option? (i don’t know how the streaming works there)

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I’m watching on the norns discord now.

doing a video chat through discord would be great. I haven’t used this feature before!
I’d love to be able to save the whole thing for posterity.


a goal is to include people at all stages of their video synthesis journey.


Sign me up. I’ll be there.


wonderful we are excited to see you there @catbiscuits & @Robbertunist
we are figuring a couple pieces of the puzzle out

Where - currently thinking the LZX discord ( invite if you haven’t joined)

When 1PM EST and we will see how long we can go without getting ourselves in trouble with our families :wink: haha

How - Video or voice participation should be fine. No need to connect up a video synth system.

What if I can’t attend?

What should I bring?

  • Questions about video synthesis
  • Thoughts on video synthesis
  • Goals for the community

Thanks for including the link to the Discord, I wasn’t aware of this until I read it here :ok_man:t2:


10am is about an hour (or more) before I typically wake up these days, but will try to make it…

Even if I miss it, this is a really nice idea.


as we continue to do these and figure out the width of our time zone interactions I will be happy to do these at whatever time works for the most people or even different times from week to week if that will help.

I’ve got a very flexible schedule :slight_smile:

I just recorded a discord discussion from another group last night and will put it together today and see how it came out. The goal will be to upload some if not all of these discussions so people could listen/watch after the fact if they want.

I think we are looking at ~10 people currently even if only 2 or 3 show up I think it will be totally worth it.


This looks interesting . Im off this week so time works.


we will be doing a smaller video get together this upcoming Monday (1/11)
it seemed like the time was agreeable before so we should keep it the same for now 1PM EST
We will be doing it on the LZX discord again
in the Voice chat

a goal for this meetup is to hopefully get some of the folks who have shown interest since the last chat involved and introduced.

If you want to come ready to any of the following that would be very helpful

  • Introduce yourself (anything you want to share … it has typically been along the lines of name, location, preferred pronouns (she/her | he/him | they/them etc) if you want, how long have you been involved with video synthesis)
  • Talk about a project relating to video synthesis in some capacity
  • Ask a specific question relating to video synthesis

on discord if you can change your nickname to include whatever you prefer to be called as a person (including pronouns if you want) that would be wonderful!
for instance ours is just [Nichole & Paul Pichon] but something like [respirator(Paul)] or [Paul(he/him)] would be totally fine.

There are no expectations that you have to have video synthesis on your screen this is more about chatting. If you want to be on voice only there are also no expectation that you have your video on to participate.

I’ll probably be rearranging my rack a bit during this one.

and I’m going to get setup to talk for just a moment about how to change the flow of feedback with mixers like the V4/V440 as there were some questions about it last time.


For the video synth users in Berlin, Germany, Holland & Ireland :wave:t3:
Check out Nicole’s post above & hopefully hear you there on Monday evening :+1:t3:
@destroythings @horacio2222 @VanTa @meudiademorte @reverselandfill @Agawell @Zifor


@Fox, 5 hrs & counting if you haven’t seen this thread & you’re free to join in :+1:t3:


time for the next study group
Sunday 2/21 1PM EST 6PM GMT
hope to see some new faces as well as our standards
we have had a marked uptick in new discord members since the last meetup!

information about what we are doing in the OP if you aren’t sure as well as an invite to the LZX discord


A Bump for the video code party :partying_face: :crazy_face:!


Choo choo
the next study video art chat is
this Sunday 7th @ 1PM EST / 6PM GMT

see you there!