LZX Patch book (WIP)

Graphviz is a powerful way to visualize patches/workflows
it can be integrated into forums like this one!
We went through all the LZX 3 patch videos and did patch visualizations while also taking screenshots of the output.

A link to the online 3 patch repository

The PDF download

A link to the original document the PDF was made with if you want to make modifications (copy to your drive).

Graphviz for video systems primer we wrote if you want to get started making your own patches.

Video flipping through an initial print.

Ideally we will host all of the patches/primer on the LZX community forum once a couple things are sorted out. With all the projects they are working on currently I don’t expect that to be too soon though.

The original inspiration for this project

When I saw that video I though “I want one of those for video synthesis with current / “current” hardware.”

I think this project could eventually cover patch overviews like I’ve done and also discuss more basic concepts at length (more like the *starter manual listed below). Adding in system overviews (including switches, mixers, monitors etc… less focus on specific modules) will also be helpful for future planning. I’ve also started a FAQ that I think would be a great fit as well.

I was offered this amazing beginning of a *LZX starter manual to use for this project!

Eventually I would love patch submissions from as many people as possible for a sort of Video synthesis yearbook section.

Also having a section for patch challenges like fireworks or Haunted house could be interesting.

I’m so grateful to be a part of this wonderful community :slight_smile:

change log:

  • resized patches that went into margins

To do:

  • Add cover page

  • Add table of contents

  • 8 vidiot videos

  • Check lines crossed if it can be helped redo the patch
    -Pass 3
    -CC 3
    -Bridge 1
    -Escher Sketch 3
    -Mapper 2 (polar fringe to top the Send receive should be on the H+V on POS&NEG Keys)

  • Add system overview section Whole systems / system flows

  • FAQ section

  • Deeper dive of very basic concepts with more written content (maybe hand drawn illustrations?)

  • Scan processing Patches

  • Add previous start in some way


Amazing, comprehensive work here. Thank you infinitely.