Share photos and details about your modular video synth rigs

So far i haven’t noticed that much noise but keep in mind that i can’t really compare it to a laboratory grade power supply, since this is my first rack ever built.
I don’t have a permanent setup atm but maybe i can get some pictures/videos for you later this week.


So i finally had the time to experiment, and as you can see there are like 2 horizontal bands of “noise” which are moving very slowly downwards. It does not really annoy me and i came to like it, but you have to decide for yourself.

The second image was moving, so thats why its kinda blurry.



Show me your rigs!

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After giving up on a 84hp-12u case with mw psu that i’ve bought,i wanted to see how much noise my two obsolete pittsburgh modular cell 90 skiffs produce and to my surprise i found out they work great with video synth modules.So i’ve decided to use the pittsburgh skiffs for my system and just add another 84hp-6u in shape of a acl evz1 84 case.

Those are the pittsburgh skiffs.Structure is going to be replaced with the upcoming modules spritechild and matrix.

Acl skiff.Chromagnon is a placeholder for the upcoming solarium and instead of the four arch modules,there will be move,mask,scroll and trace.This is going to be my video system (if everything works out as planned) and i’ll call it VC 348+.


Of course there’s also an audio system in my little studio.

My first modular synth.I took the pittsburgh modules from the 2 cell 90 skiffs and put them in a mantis case,which gave me additional 28hp’s for a double helix osc.It’s a little monster now and i call it “silver machine”.

There sure are bigger systems out there,but i think this is one hell of a synth.I’m calling it model 400 a/d.


heres my current setup. the video rack is still kinda basic, but its operational! i had my VC in the box for a couple years because i couldnt realy get it to gel with the audio rack; spent some stimulus money on the rackbrute, bridge, & crossfade then picked up the rest from spare modules & spare dollars
got a syntonie quad inverter onhe way, & planning to add a bso vmix, mystic Ana, new sport mod and maybe a mapper , then maybe someday getting another 6u & goin castle crazy or something. realy digging the :mantelpiece_clock: osc, and im sure the quad inverter will play nice with the logic circuits
its a lota fun to draw on the tv with my friends, and i hope to end up with some vcrs & such so that some day i can put out an a/v album, but not much in the way of specific plans otherwise atm


Here is the work in progress. There will be a TBC2, SMX3, Chromagnon added as they arrive.

I plan on processing three external video streams from my Mac and NVIDIA Jetson Nano into the LZX modules. These will be for foreground, background, and key.

My goals:

  1. Process the video using the Chromagnon for fun effects, and SMX3 + FGK3 for mixing and keying. The resulting video will be processed using DaVinci Resolve. This may take more than one pass to get to the result.

  2. Add more modules over time to get into analog video synthesis. This will be in 2023, no $$$ left for this year :frowning:

I have 12U of eurorack audio gear, it will be a learning experience to see which modules can be used with the video synthesis. I’m guessing I will need to build or buy a conversion module to get to the 0 - 1V range from the eurorack.

I have a fair amount of digital software for fun stuff like fractals, effects, etc. It will be fun to learn and see what I can come up with!

Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!


this is dope! can you explain how you send multiple layers over this nvidia jetson nano? really looking for a way to send out multiple synchronized video tracks into the system without buying expensive video broadcasting gear.

Hi meudiademorte!

The Jetson Nano provides one video stream and my Mac provides two more through the ThunderBolt ports.

The Jetson Nano has both HDMI and DisplayPort, running Ubuntu. Unfortunately they are unobtanium. They have a great GPU and tons of sample source code. I’m not a Linux guru by any stretch, but they have a great dev kit that is very easy to install.

I have the Nano displays mirrored so I can watch what I’m doing on the old Dell monitor and send the other into BMD Up Down Cross. The UDC goes into a HDMI to Analog converter, then to the patch panel in the rack.

On the Mac, its a similar process using ThunderBolt to HDMI cables, then the BMD Up Down Cross and HDMI to analog.

I’m patiently waiting for the TBC2 and Chromagnon. I have the FKG3 Keyer, SMX3 Mixer, and ESG3 waiting to go! This will give me three streams into the process. The results will go into the BMD Analog to SDI converter and get recorded on the BMD HyperDeck Studio HD Mini recorder.

All of this will be 1080p29.97 using ProRes. I use DaVinci Resolve for processing, which support alpha channel for transparency levels.

There is a thread on ModWiggler that goes into the software side of things here

I’ve got a bunch of videos and some alleged ‘music’ on YouTube here

I’m very excited about the LZX Gen3, as I’m sure many others are! I’m a little late to the party, so I’m down the preorder list aways. But a lot of fun is coming soon!

Feel free to ask any questions, I don’t want to turn this post into War And Peace LOL

edit: corrected typo.


In case anyone is interested, the NVIDIA Jetson Nano developer kit is available once again, $149 on Amazon. It is a quick and painless install of their JetPack, which has a lot of fun sample programs that take advantage of the GPU. Highly recommended, not a lot different than a Raspberry Pi if you are familiar with those, but with a lot more GPU horsepower.

Amazon - NVIDIA Jetson Nano developer kit