Video synth in a Ross Lamond case?

Is anyone here using video modules in a Ross Lamond / Goike case? What are your experiences with this? Which PSU are you using? Which extra features to support a video synth did you ask for? I can think of a few, like some of the Vessel features (vents, sockets etc).

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I am! Goike made some of the modifications and I did the rest.

It has Malekko power. I switched to using longer screws and double standoffs to avoid sandwiching too much heat between the wood and the busboard- I knew I could spare the space because I was planning to use shallow modules for most of the front row. It has two power switches- I asked him to add an extra one for the fan. I cut the hole for the fan myself, which is why it looks rough around the edges - my slightly eccentric holesaw wasn’t kind to the existing finish.

Goike also added 12v passthough on a shrink-wrapped inline jack to feed the Liquid TV. It turned out that this case was slightly shallower than the one I had measured earlier, so the TBC went from barely fitting to needing to hover on extra-long 2.5mm screws with a nut underneath. There may also be standard screws and plastic washers hidden behind the panel to act as standoffs and help stabilize it- I goofed around with a few ideas before finding a setup that seemed really solid. I wanted to make absolutely sure that it wouldn’t float around and short out on anything. The hovering TBC looks a lot better than I expected, and it also adds a little extra ventilation.

It would have been simpler to just order a Vessel, but I’m really happy with how this turned out. It looks fantastic!

BTW- that VWG is one of the 3 that I bought from you on another forum- thanks again!


Wow, yes. That is most impressive. I’m really suprised the TBC can fit in there, even with a little hack. It’s also good to see one of my old modules in a new home. Thanks.

Here’s a detail shot of the floating TBC. I used an oversized locknut and a nylon washer to get it to hover at the right height on the extra-long screw.

I also nailed down a square nut next to it by putting a screw all the way in until it locked against the rail. I’ll probably do the same thing with another square nut on the opposite side to prevent the TBC from being able to slide in either direction the next time I take this case apart.

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Very neat. It looks a bit odd but I can see how it works. Thanks.

Question: did you have to do anything special to get Video Grip to fit? I have found it tricky to get that one installed in certain cases.

Also, I had the same issues with CTBC in my Vessel. I just used standoffs and they are very happy


Video Grip fit fine- no problems at all. :joystick:

I did a certain amount of futzing around to try and keep cables from obstructing the airflow around my fan, but everything else was pretty easy.

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This is a clever one.

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