ESG3 Composite Video Output Issue

So when I filled up my new case and started it up, everything worked power-wise (yay!).

However, I did find that my ESG3 was not outputting NTSC composite video that either the TBC2 or a digital monitor would display correctly. It was outputting something, but not something stable. Very much not stable, in fact.

Component output, however, seemed 100% fine.

Sync chain was Visual Cortex > TBC2 > MemPal > ESG3 > FKG3.

Both LEDs were green.

Anyway, I certainly need to do more testing to try to isolate the issue (try on an analog monitor, adjust my sync chain, test on its own, document problem with photos/videos, etc.), but wondering if, in advance of all that (for which it will probably realistically take me a few days to have time), there are any particular things I should think about/keep an eye on? Or if anyone else has had similar issues?

Realized I hadn’t actually searched the forum for a possible answer yet and well, crap, I guess I had completely forgotten that I had had problems with my ESG before and already sent it in for service once.

Ugh. Yeah.

Guess that goes to show how rarely I’ve been using my system lately. Things have been pretty torn apart since I started to build an audio rack as well (and cannibalized one of my cases for that for that last 6–9 months).

If you are in NTSC/PAL modes, Composite output should be active. If it’s not, it could be the CVBS input on your display or a bad cable. If you’re still having problems, contact for repair or replacement.

Ah, good call on making sure to test out multiple cables. Will include that on my list for further testing. Thanks.

DIP switches are in the right arrangement?