TBC2 outputs all white

Should my TBC2 outputs be all white? Am I doing something wrong?

This is my replacement TBC2. The first unit had 2 mounting holes too small for screws and the video inputs for channel B didn’t work. However, channel A functioned ok and I could get signals fromthe outputs for both channels.

This new unit seems to have totally defective outputs. I’ve testyed both input channels with a composite camera input that worked fine with unit #1. Apparently the signal is being receive ok but all the outputs are white. It’s the same with ramp and mediaplayer settings.

So, is this another defective unit? It looks like it to me.
2 units both failing doesn’t look good. At this point, I’m considering giving up on TBC2 for now. Perhaps a year from the QC will have improved and I might get a fully working unit.

However, if I’ve missed something important, now is the time to tell me. I may contact the shop I bought both modules from tomorrow morning and ask for a refund.

You might need to review your sync chain. When I first plugged in my TBC2, my ESG3 was the sync source. TBC2 didn’t like that and the screen kept showing the “rendering” prompt. Problem went away when I switched TBC2 to master sync. Another thought, are you using an ESG3 to encode? If so, could it be one of the switches is flipped the wrong way?

ESG3 is the sync generator in a chain that ends with TBC2. The first unit worked fine in this position. So this doesn’t look like a sync issue.

My ESG3 outout looks good without TBC2. I tested it using some other modules after removing the TBC2 and everything looked great.

Then I think the solution is that you need to rearrange the sync so that TBC2 is the source. I’m not sure what other modules you have in your chain, however I do recommend this sync setup,

TBC2 ~> [Ramps, Oscillators, etc] ~> ESG3 ~> FKG3

FKG3 needs to sit at the end of the chain. If your TBC2, or essentially anything, is behind an FKG3, then you will most likely have sync problems.

How would that result in white outputs? I don’t get it.

I don’t either, however when I first set up my gen3 system, I was experiencing various sync issues with the DSG3, FKG3, ESG3, and a pair of VU009s. In particular, I kept getting a pink output color when the output color should have been black. Emailed support about it. “Sync issue” was the diagnosis. Once I got the correct sync chain wired up, I stopped having that issue.

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Ok, TBC2 is the sync generator now and ESG3 follows it directly. Luma out from Channel A gives me all white output even when I set it to ramp. Composite camera input works but still only white output.

This unit looks defective.

BTW a ramp from DSG into ESG works as expected. This really doesn’t look like a sync problem. The only module failing here is TBC2.

That’s a bummer. I’m sorry.

Seems weird! Have you tried powering the module off an individual 12V DC adapter to make sure it’s not power related? Does everything look good in the OLED menu? Do you see your video inputs on the decoder page previews? Have you contacted support@lzxindustries.net? We do of course check all the IOs (Component, Composite, Sync, S-Video, etc) on both channels before they are packed and shipped. I’ve QA’ed every module personally.


I’m confident that I plenty of power for my Gen3 modules, but I can certainly test TBC2 on a second PSU tomorrow. The menu looks good and I can see the previews. It’s only the outputs that are failing.

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Sounds like something is failing with power supplies on the control board (which power the output buffers.) Definitely contact us for an RMA. We’ll get a replacement unit back to you immediately. I’m so sorry for the hassle.

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What is your power source and which modules share it with TBC2?

I just tested it using an LZX 3A PSU. Only the TBC2 was running on this PSU. I set channel A to ramp and got the same all white signal from all channel A outputs.

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If you can test the replacement unit before sending it to me, then I guess that’ll be more reliable than whatever process has delivered the two units I’ve purchased locally. I’m considering my options.


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We test everything, but occasionally there’s a fluke to deal with. I’ll make sure we’re checking the clearance on the mounting holes more carefully. The powder coat from the vendor was applied a bit too liberally on a few panels.

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Thank you for testing the module on isolated power.
I will be looking out for your email to support@lzxindustries.net so we can set up an RMA.

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The distributor I bought it from has offered to facilitate the RMA, so I may go with that option. (I’m in the UK, so the shipping would be a few weeks in both directions.) I’ll let you know. Thanks.


Ok, I’m going with the locally-facilitated RMA option. This way, both defective units will be shipped by the distributor together.

Thanks, everyone!