[ORDER] Triple Function Generator

Most PCB sets are shipped!

@analogmonster : please send me your address info!

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Most kits are shipped.

Note: I’ve tried my best assembling the kits. If somehow I missed something please contact me

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Thanks Martijn! Appreciate your work on the project and putting together the LM6172 group buy.

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the new pcb’s are in production


And that’s how my weekend starts…
Thaaaaanks :smiley:

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If you have questions about the build , ask 'm in the buildthread
I’ll try to answer asap :slight_smile: - or others maybe can help too!

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update: the pcb’s are shipped to me

I want one! Im still on time to get a spare full kit?

Same here, if there are still kits (Alternately, a full set will also work if the kits are all gone)

batch 3:
1: 337is: 2x kit - shipped
2: addamm: Full PCB set + extra’s - shipped
3: copbypear: Full kit - shipped
4: Kharmasabits: Full PCB set - shipped
5: visual_lies: Full PCB set -shipped
6: Luix: Full kit -shipped
7: transistorcat: Full kit -shipped
8: spar: Full kit - shipped


The kits are almost ready. Just have to make the power cables now
(and wait for the pcb’s to arrive)

The pcb’s and panels are in!

everybody is contacted! :slight_smile:

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Can i please order a kit. thx!

you are on the list. - you got the last full kit!

note: I only have partial kits in stock now (without pots)

still for sure in for a prebuilt unit if it becomes an option

I can build you one. I’ll contact you in october after I moved to Italy

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everything is shipped.

9x pcb’s & panel sets
2x partial kits

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Mine arrived here in New York yesterday. Thank you so much for putting this together. I’m eager to build them and get them in my system.

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just got mine too, thanks again!

Got mine too :grinning:

Anyone in the US have a good source for the right angle pots? If not, Thonk it is!