Triple Multiplier

I’ve designed a Triple Multiplier starting from the schematics of Cadet X.

I begun from a direct clone of CadetX (picture below) then decided to raise the bar and create a triple multiplier with normalised inputs, this means that you can use one input and have 3 different outputs with 3 different “parameter”!
Or you can have a single input multiplied by 3 different signals, or any of the possible combination of 3CV x 3IN.

The first Cadet X clone:

Below some pictures of the first build, some video test and in a subsequent post the schematics and the front panel.

Redacted below sentences, now I know :slight_smile:

I don’t know what I can do with it, for me is OK to open source it, but I don’t know what Lars and LZX thinks about, I don’t want to go against the rules.

I don’t have a panel but the PCB works well, is a sandwich with two PCBs, one with the circuit and one with the UI, here some pictures:

And two videos:


Update, the panel is coming.

And I take the initiative and post here the schematics for this module:


Is the power connector upside down? :upside_down_face:

It looks correct to me…

It’s fine but there’s a glitch!!
I’m having issues with KiCad lately, that symbol causes false errors on KiCad’s debugger.

Here’s a fixed one (I’ll edit the post in a minute), in this configuration the debugger throws errors but can be ignored.

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The panel has arrived and it fits pretty well :slight_smile:


Nice! The general spirit of Cadet inspired designs is this:

  • Design your own PCB. (You did!)
  • Change something about the design. Make it a triple multiplier, or a series multiplier, add a rectifier mode, etc. (You did!)
  • Post your schematics for others to review and learn. (You did!)
  • If you’re not an experienced engineer, stay humble and get someone else or the community to review the design. (Seems like in this case, you did fine!)
  • Post a forum thread and share the process with us (You did!)
  • You can, but don’t have to share your Gerbers. If you plan to offer built units or PCBs for distribution, I’d recommend you don’t. (This prevents others who aren’t willing to learn to make their own PCB and understand how the circuit works from cloning it for profit – “builder service” I think is something different.)
  • Don’t be shy. Give it your own name and logo. I’d prefer if you called it “esnho triple multiplier” or just “triple multiplier” for example, rather than use the “Cadet X” name. (The panel looks good as it is! Maybe rename the thread when you get the chance.)
  • Replicating the LZX style frontpanel aesthetic, fonts, symbology, component grids, etc is 100% OK if you prefer to keep design language consistent. Or go crazy with it. Make it to your own personal tastes, either way.
  • Credit the original design / link to it, so others understand the context and lineage. (In this post, or on your site, or whatever)

What does myself and LZX want to get out of all this? A growth in the collective knowledge and DIY skillsets within the community. This is key to our mission statement. That’s why doing some of the work yourself is part of the expectation and learning/practicing something is the implied price tag of using the design.

So I think you already “get it”, thanks for letting the community benefit from your work!


Thanks Lars, it’s an honour and a pleasure to have your feedbacks.
I’ve renamed the thread and updated the first post to reflect the story of this module.

I’ve decided to create a page for this module here

If someone wants to get the PCB+Panel I can arrange a custom order when at least 4 people are interested.


i’d be happy to get one PCB/panel set for me & a few more if you’d be alright with me building a few for resale :grin:

if not that’s cool too - in that case just let me know & put me down for one set!

No problem if you build some for resale, I’d do the same but I don’t have energy to jump in this quest :slight_smile:

Let see how many people sit at this table to understand how much it costs to make the PCB prints.

BTW: I’m in Italy, consider shipping costs and taxes before :slight_smile:

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sounds good to me! :grin:

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I am interested in two PCB and panel sets. Is black a possibility for the panel?


Black is possible but:

  • I’d like to fill the niche of green panels :slight_smile:
  • It significantly increases production costs and time

Check with multiple board houses! At many, the time would be the same and the cost would only be a few cents more.

I’d pay the extra cents for black but might not consider putting a green panel module into my existing system.

I always use JLCPCB, they are very good, cheap and fast.
They also have an aluminium panel option. I am testing that in my next order.

and they also have purple. I have one of those here, and it looks pretty funky!


and make sure they remove the order number on your panel pcb!
(there is an option on the order page for this. it costs about 1 euro extra)


Another option is “Specify a Location” which does not cost extra.

Info Page

You can indicate this location by adding the text of " JLCJLCJLCJLC " to silk layer, and select the " Specify a location " option when you place an order. If this option hasn’t been chosen, we may not notice you’ve added the text.
Note: Just “JLCJLCJLCJLC”, No more or less characters. The font size should be larger than 0.8mm in height and 0.15 mm in width.

Just place that text on the backside of your faceplates.


Hi everyone,

Thanks @reverselandfill and @Fox for all the suggestions, knowledge shared from experts like you is alway welcome.

Time has passed and I want to recap, first of all I want to understand how many votes for the black panel vs the green:

  • Green
  • Black

0 voters

Then recap how many set I need to order:

@mrfang 2 (black panel)
@saiteron ??
DM user 1

Anyone else?


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Hi everyone, I’m slow as e-mule.
Basically everyone wants the black panel, I’ll go for that.
I’ve got the order ready, 9 people voted so I’ll order 15 panels+PCBs, just in case.

This means that I’m counting a set per person plus, 2 for MrFang, and 5 exceeding (maybe all for Saiteron?).

If you didn’t vote but still want the set please let me know. I’ll place the order next Saturday 27th November.

Awesome; keep us posted.

Also, ^ and /> markings on the panel are cryptic; explaining those would be helpful, for clarity.

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