Triple Multiplier

Hi @mrfang those are:


Maybe I was not sleeping well when I decided those symbols, but they still makes sense in my head :smiley:

Seems I’m late to the party, but I’ll take one of these in green if possible. I get that black is the new black, but that green panel is rad!

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For everyone, the order is placed.
Here are the prices, I’m trying to compensate for possible duties upon delivery that hits us europeans since July:

PCB+Panel set: 7.5€
EU Shipping: 5€
Outside EU Shipping: TBD (I have to check at the post office, sorry, shouldn’t be too much)

@Chickenbone I’ve got a green panel for you :wink:


Hi. How did I miss this ? I would also love a set, any colour you have left is ok.

Sure, there are! I’m waiting the parcel

Would love to join this little venture! Do you have PCB’s left?

Hi Everyone!

I’ve finally received the parcel, panels looks good, I have some green and some blacks, so let me know which color you prefer if you didn’t already specified it.

For people outside EU, I still have to check prices, I’ll be probably be able to check them in person this weekend or the next one (24th wish me luck ).

If you didn’t, please DM me!


PS: @Cappiecasparov yep, I’ve got some PCB+panels!


Hi Everyone,

After a preventive quarantine (happy holidays :smiley: ) I’ve finally sent out the international (outside EU) shipping.

Still some boards available :wink:


I haven’t heard from you about shipping to the US. Please send me a PM!

Oh no!
Sorry for this, I was waiting for your message to be honest :blush: contacting you right now

Please check your PMs.


Yeah you’ve got one from me too :heart:

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Sent both a DM!! :slight_smile:


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It has finally arrived! Very excited to put these together.


I built these today and I managed to get the same signal out of both modules. Im too tired now to go bananas on this but it was a fun build. I think maybe I should get better pots because the ones i have are definitely not seating properly on the pcb. Thanks for the pcbs.