Eurorack mixer for waveforms?

Hi. Just wondering if anyone has had good luck with euroland mixers for mixing ramps/oscs etc. I’ve found the Bubblesound 631 to be useful but the Malekko and Intellijel don’t work so well.

you could use my Video Matrix Mixer.
Most audio rate mixers will blur the videorate signals. It depends on the slew rate of the used opamps.
This can be a cool effect though.

Interesting functions are things like an inverted input and offset
In the past I’ve build the Summing mixer, based a schematic by L. Larsen


I used the Warm Star Fragment for mixing duties sometimes. There is no real noticeable softening to my eyes.


Of course if you’re looking to buy a module then there’s LZX Passage which is purpose made for mixing video and other signals.

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Yeah I’ve seen the LZX one just looking for smaller/cheaper options. Oddly, if you try to mix the h/v ramps in the Intellijel triatt/quadratt the center point is shifter. Very aggravating. Same with the Malekko but the Malekko is blurry as well. So far so good with the Bubblesound though. Hoping to find more options.

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The Cadet Fader can mix 2 channels, as well as the Cadet Processor.
If you need a build module, you can get it build for you. see here:

As a sidenote:
I am busy with a simple videomixer project