[ORDER] 4x3 Matrix Mixer


The Matrix Mixer is a DIY project for adding color control, feedback routings and advanced mixing to your system. The panel is 14HP and the pcb is low profile, 2.5cm deep, suitable for skiffs
Everything is through-hole. This build is considered suitable for ‘advanced beginners’.
The circuit is based on the ‘simple video mixer’ by L. Larsen, extented to a matrix configuration with extra’s. The design has evolved thanks to community effort.
From a 3x3 to a 4x3 :slight_smile: with an inverted input + the option to mod it with gain potmeters.
You can read about the progress here:
Use above thread as build pages or go here for the latest files:

This project is open source. For all current design files, go here:


  • 3 inputs + 1 inverted input
  • 3 outputs

Each row has 4 potmeters for those 4 inputs which makes 12 potmeters in total.
The 3 inputs are normalised together for easy patching. The Inverted input can be used to subtract shapes from the mix.

There are some MOD possibilities:

  • 3 Gain potmeter positions
  • extra amplification stages for each input, useful for keying and feedback


PCB: 16,- euro
PCB + Panel: 30,- euro

Kits: 120,- euro
Build module: 160,-

Shipping (from Italy):
9 euro untracked
15 euro tracked

Kit shipping is 15,- euro

Order List:

rempesm: 1x kit - shipped on 04-12-19
agawell: 1x pcb&panel - shipped on 02-12-19
VanTa: 1x kit - shipped on 04-12-19
Marizu: 1x pcb&panel&LM6172 - shipped on 20-11-19
joem: 1x pcb&panel&LM6172 - shipped 20-11-19
743v04: 1x kit - shipped on 04-12-19
laulindqvist: 2x pcb 1x panel - shipped on 02-12-19
wednesdayayay: 1x module - shipped on 26-11-19
transistorcat: 2x pcb - shipped on 22-11-19
spar: 1x kit - shipped on 10-12-19
Temp_hill: 1x pcb&panel + lm6172 - shipped on 22-11-19
cinema_av: 1x pcb&panel+lm6172 - shipped on 26-11-19
tronotape: 1x pcb&panel - shipped on 26-11-19
mwmw: 1x pcb&panel - shipped on 04-12-19
337is: 2x kit - contacted
allthesixes666: 1x kit + TFG pcb’s&panel - shipped on 10-12-19
Hinotori: 1x pcb&panel - shipped on 10-12-19
voidevaqion: 1x pcb - shipped on 10-12-19
dan.orders: 1xpcb&panel - contacted


Sign me up for one kit!

HI Martikn

I’ll take one too please PCB/panel for me

best regards

Full kit for me too :slight_smile: please.

parts are ordered for the kits. I’ll keep you posted
I will make a list, and PM you when I’m ready to ship
pcb’s & panels are currently ready. kits will follow soon

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Hi Martijn,

Can I order a PCB + Panel + 5x LM6172, please.
I’m loving the Triple Function Generator.


Sign me up for a PCB+Panel+LM6172 set, too, please.

I’ll take a full kit please!

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I moved it to the 1st post

2x pcb for me would be nice :slight_smile:

1x kit for me, please.

Sweet i would take PCB+Panel and those LM6172s please :slight_smile:

sign me for a pcb+panel/ 6172 set shipped to the states!

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Note for the kit orders:
Some of the panels had scratches / white blemishes on them. The factory is sending me new ones. I don’t know how much time this will take though. I guess a few weeks.
When the good panel sets run out, I will hold the orders.

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Can you point me in the right direction for the color / material you used for these panels? I plan to make a 4HP expander panel for the 3 gain pots and some switches for the gain range. It’d be lovely to have it match but doesn’t really matter. :slight_smile:

I used pcb material. The pcb’s were ordered at dirtypcbs. But I think the color red is the same at most pcb houses. If you want, I can scan the panel and send it to you.

I don’t mind scratches. It gives an even more DIY feeling.

haha ok whatever you say :bomb::dagger:
I have just the one for you!

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ok the parts are in. I’ll be making kits then… arrrr (pirate mode engaged)
I don’t know if I was clear on this, but I will contact everybody who wants kits when the kits are ready.
I have not forgotten you :slight_smile:

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Put me down for a PCB & PANEL.

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