[ORDER] CMIX - 6 channel mixer

The CMIX is a 6 channel mixer for LZX format video signals.
It is used for mixing several sources into complex patterns and shapes.
The normal channels add signals together, the inverted channels subtract signals.
The 2nd output allows for (example) a feedback routing option to add complexity and detail.

This (open source) module is based on the Simple video mixer schematic by .L.Larsen

project thread:

3x normal channels , each with a jack input + potmeter
3x inverted channels , each with a jack input + potmeter
2x outputs

Module info:
skiff friendly, depth = 23mm
power use: soon
The BOM, schematics and build guide are posted in the Project thread (see above) and on my site
This is an beginner friendly build, but the pcb is tightly packed with components!

PCB&Panel: 22,- euro
Kit: 65,- euro
Finished module: 100,- euro
Shipping: I now ship with a courier service for tracked packages.
EU untracked: 12,- euro
EU tracked: 20,- euro
International: 25,- euro

I can ship to most countries. PM me for details

New batch of 30 sets is in! (19-10-2020)

If you are interested, please reply to this topic!
I’ll then contact you with payment details

List: - I’ll start making kits, then notify when they are ready to ship!
GijvO: 1x kit - shipped
rempesm: 3x pcb&panel - shipped
syntonie - 1x pcb&panel - shipped
gavin - 1x kit - shipped
Trashteam - 1x build module - shipped
cinema.av - 1x pcb&panel - shipped
allthesixes666 - 2x pcb&panel - shipped
hdd - 1x pcb&panel - shipped
Robbertunist - 1x pcb& panel - shipped
meudiademorte - 1x kit - shipped
ringer - 1x pcb&panel - contacted
Marizu - 1x kit - shipped
RJT - 1x kit - shipped
analogmonster - 1x pcb&panel tracked - shipped
vdot - 1x kit - shipped
dr_how 1x kit - shipped
gosseyn 1x pcb&panel - shipped

next batch of 30:
bentoncbainbridge - 3x build module – shipped
saiteron - 3x pcb&panel + extras-- shipped
otoskope - 3x kit – shipped
Tremendm_Labs - 1x module – shipped
efp3 - 1x finished module - shipped
warpig666 - 1x build module - shipped
maytoast - 1x build module - shipped
jimfetterley - 1x build module - shipped
mattzog - 1x kit - shipped
starspawn (muff) - 1x kit - shipped
Luca (mail) - 1x kit - shipped
n3wt15(muff) 1x ? - contacted
wednesdayayay - ? - contacted


Yes please, Martijn, I would like a kit with tracked shipping! :smiley:


Can you put me down for 3x panel/PCBs?

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This is great to see Martijn :grinning:
I’ll write to 3 other video synth users I know here & see if we can organise a group order.

I’m interested in a kit!

I’m interested in an assembled unit. In the US.

pcb+panel set shipped to the states please!

ooh yes! please count me in for 2 x pcb+panel - UK shipping, thanks!!!
[updated - added one for my friend]

i’ll take one pcb and panel untracked please.
Thanks for your work !

Hi Martijn, I would like one kit tracked(if possible) to Canada.

Count me in for a pcb & panel Martijn. Maybe a second pair if someone else in Berlin is interested :+1:t3:

I want to take a kit! Would go to germany!

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Hi Martijn, I would like 1x pcb&panel please, thanks.

Hi Martijn, can I order a kit tracked to England, UK, please.

Count me in for 1 x Kit to England, UK, Tracked, please!

I would like to take 1x pcb and panel to the uk tracked please

Hi Martijn, I would like one kit tracked(if possible) to Canada.

my internet is out for a few days, typing this in a cafe.
I’ll send the payed packages asap (today or monday)
and contact the other interested people soon.


Hopefully you’ll be back online at home really soon & the disruption won’t have caused you any major hassel :+1:t3:

I’m in for at least one finished module, shipped with tracking to USA. If three finished modules are still available, I’ll take 'em, thanks!