Simple video mixer project

Ok. I had a layout based on the LZX / L.Larsen design of the Summing mixer.

The basic design of the Summing mixer already has a place in my custom video synth, but
I want to add some features, and make it suitable for the Eurorack format
Maybe a simple filter . I don’t know yet. I was looking at an Allpass filter for phase shifting and possible interesting feedback effect…
Suggestions are welcome!

current layout & schematic features:
4 channel mixer
3 normal inputs with attenuators
1 inverted input with attenuator

3 outputs
2x normal output
1x inverted output

Sandwiched panel & pcb. No wiring, though-hole design.

Current schematic:
(the inverted output need some work I think. )

The layout for the pcb is mostly done. I have some room left…


One neat thing that the MHzxER has is two switchable inputs per channel. I kind of wish I had one of those, but your matrix mixer and the cadet fader have been fulfilling all my mixer needs these days, so I never ended up building a MHzxER.

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as a performance option. yeah, I get it.