Connecting to Final Cut Pro

Anyone have any tips about connecting to Final Cut Pro? I got an HDMI to USB C adaptor, and tried unsuccessfully to connect my Andor Media Player. I also got an RGB to HDMI connector as well, trying to connect Color Chords to the Mac, but neither option was recognized. I have to admit I am very new to video synthesis, but have worked for decades with audio modular and synthesizers.




Output from Color Chords I believe is clipped to the 0-1V range of the LZX patchable video standard, which is not directly convertible to HDMI via any commercially available converter. LZX standard voltage signals are intended for patching within a video synthesizer, and must be encoded to some standard video format to be connected to a display or PC. Generally this encoding is done either with the Visual Cortex or a Cadet I + Cadet II combo to generate composite video, though some LZX modules support other output formats like S-Video. To capture this analog output you need some type of capture equipment, I think LZX has generally recommended the Thunderbolt Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle + a Thunderbolt 2/Thunderbolt 3 adapter cable. I have had predictably cheap results using cheapo “VHS to Digital” USB doohickeys - the framerate is bad, the artifacts are bad, it likes to crash or fail to enumerate entirely - and have not personally sprung for a capture unit yet. I mostly just film my display (but this has its own problems).

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Thanks for getting back to me about this Sam.

My next thought was to use a DVD Recorder I have with RGB input and then convert to Mv4, but I haven’t tried that yet. The journey continues.



This may not be the case for your recorder but be aware that most recorders with a component input (usually red, green, and blue colored RCA connectors) are actually expecting YPbPr, not RGB component input. If you have an LZX Visual Cortex I believe you could connect the YPbPr output from its encoder section to such a device though.

Hi DenDen and welcome!!!

the HDMI to USBC is almost definitely for output from the computer (usbc->hdmi->tv)

the RGB (fingers crossed it’s actually component) converter will convert rgb to hdmi - but you’d still need to get it into something (computer) to record - so probably need a video interface

I’d check with Lars re what they are recommending these days - I’m not sure that the Intensity Shuttle TB is still in favour!!

As stated above you would need to process the RGB out to be either component or composite in order to record/display (visual cortex or the cadet module combo will do this)

another option, which a lot of people, me included, use, is to rescan the output (ie film the tv screen) personally I’m using an iPhone as the camera - filming a lcd tv screen - arguably better results can be obtained with a DSLR and a CRT tv

Thanks for getting back to me Jim. I was hoping to not just film a tv screen, but we’ll see.


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