Hybrid set (vdmx + lzx)

Hello everyone,
I’m a new user who recently discovered this fantastic world, I wanted some advice to get started.
I intend to create a module for a hybrid set, I wish I could capture from a computer (hdmi or dvi) and then play with it.
any suggestions?
thanks a lot to everyone

With a HDMI to component (Y/Pb/Pr) converter you can go from a computer to the input decoder section on the LZX Visual Cortex. The to-be-released LZX TBC2 will let you decode DVI-D directly, but you would still need a way to generate sync* and encode the output (composite or S-video) to your display: Visual Cortex can also do both of these, the other option is Cadet I and Cadet II (DIY builds).

*Actually I suspect TBC2 is the sync source in a system where you’re using it, I don’t know if it will generate sync with no input, have a 14-pin sync header suitable for use with Cadet RGB encoder/ramps/oscillators, or generate CV/gate sync for use with Castle oscillators and Visionary modules. I suspect so.

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Thanks for the reply,
my idea was:
exit vdmx with hdmi or dvi go into a lzx module, exit lzx (black magic) and re-enter vdmx to get from the projector
vdmx out> in lzx> lzx out> vdmx in> projector

This sounds like it ought to work, I don’t have any personal experience with any BlackMagic units but would be interested to know what you find out. In my case the HDMI -> Y/Pb/Pr converter box just shows up to Windows as another display. I’m most interested in using the PC for processing synthesized elements in real time, I haven’t figured out what the best capture options are for this yet but I assume I need something like the Intensity Shuttle that can do raw capture. It’s also not clear to me if you can use the Intensity Shuttle for analog capture and playback simultaneously or if you would need a separate component converter.

Here is a great LZX video from a while back explaining how a bunch of interconnect type stuff works, that I still need to watch about half a dozen more times to digest:

The intensity shuttle is one way at a time

I have two of those so I’m well on my way. What forms do you recommend for starting to fiddle around?

not sure what you mean? - do you mean suggest an LZX module - then you need to start with either a Visual Cortex or a Vidiot

if you are looking to expand over time (and you probably will) - the VC is probably the better starting point

after that staircase is probably the most bang for buck module - take a look at the 3 patches series of videos - for inspiration

can you send me some links?
for now i have an edirol v4 for analogue feedback loop but i would like to be able to replace it with some module for the same job and add x y, oscilloscope and more

Just search for lzx on YouTube

watch the 3 arches series to see examples of all the modules

And search here for what else do I need — at a minimum you will also want to convert your computer video output to component to go into the lzx system and probably lzx composite or component out back into your computer