Getting live DSLR footage into LZX modular

I’ve been looking for a way to get an image from my Canon DSLR (live view and still image playback) into my LZX system (Cadet input and sync only), without the need for a computer. I don’t mind that it would be black and white.

What I think I need is an HDMI to AV converter box that:
a) syncs correctly (which my current cheap HDMI2AV box fails to do)
b) zooms in on the image to hide the horizontal bars resulting from the wider aspect ratio of the DSLR images.
c) doesn’t require a computer, like the Intensity Shuttle

Is there anything relatively affordable on the market, available in the EU?
Given user experiences mentioned in other topics, where boxes don’t always work as advertised or expected, I’d prefer to hear about products that you’ve actually tried and tested in this scenario.


An HDMI to VGA adapter would allow you to use a scan converter like a Sony DSC-1024HD or Extron VSC 500 to convert to composite (or component or S-Video).


That’s great help, thanks @Genlok! I’ll keep an eye open for that Sony option. HDMI to VGA adapters seem to be easy to obtain.

This has converted multiple HDMI devices to standard def component for me.
The important thing is that it has a scaler to bring the output down to SD.
The Sony DSC-1024 is a good option (I have one too), but it doesn’t directly take HDMI.


I’ve been using Canon DSLRs for years and always wanted to do this, but between the HDMI down conversion that doesn’t always look super great, sync issues and the cropped image, I ultimately decided that buying a cheap camcorder (Sony HDR CX110) with component (full color in LZX!) output was my better choice. The one I ended up on has a switchable aspect ratio and has a little more flexible formatting, like 60fps in 4:3 (which I like since LZX is all in 4:3), a flippable screen and manual image controls. All for $30. I know this isn’t a direct answer, but I think it’s something you should consider if camcorders are easily available to you!


That’s very valuable advice, @tylerm. I was already looking out for a camcorder and I think I’ll explore that option first. Good to hear that you’ve settled on this in the end.