Visual Cortex output to a projector

Dear all, I’m a newcomer in this world but already thrill.

I have a technical question for a show I will do soon. I wanted to know with it’s possible to go from the visual cortex directly to a projector. I have seen tones of videos on the internet where people us TV to play with video synthesizer modules but no one with a simple projector. It is working this way? I would need that for a live performing show.

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a tv or projector will both work.
anything that has a composite input.

Thank you very much for your fast answer!

You also have the option of using the S-Video or Component outputs to go directly from Cortex to a projector, if your projector has those inputs.

If you need to connect to a projector with only HDMI/VGA inputs, LZX recommends the Ambery HDV5 converter. I’ve also had decent results with this substantially cheaper box from IO Crest.

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Thanks for precision, I have S-video or Component actually. So that should be perfect.

Another question then, to go into my visual cortex from an usb or from a mac would this work ? = or is there any cheaper possibilty ?

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I’ve seen the HDV5 mentioned several times around here. But I wonder if anyone has any experience with the HDV600a?

They don’t bill it as “professional,” so I imagine there perhaps is a falloff in quality from the 5, but it does seem actually more feature-rich (despite a much lower cost).

Not even really in the market for another such device (already have more than one conversion unit), but just curious…

The Andor 1 is a standalone video player, not a usb-to-composite adapter. So, in a roundabout and not-realtime way you can use it to get video from your mac to your VC: if you create a video file on your mac, you could then put it on a SD card and put that SD card into the Andor, then the Andor could play it via the composite output and your VC could take that as a monochrome (not color) input. But I doubt that’s what you had in mind.

Here’s a thread about going from mac to vc: Mac Laptop into Visual Cortex

Thanks a lot for your answer !

I found this one,, which input HDMI and output video. It’s working perfectly well with the Visual Cortex. Thanks for your help !

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