Live camera with Visual Cortex

I haven’t set my rig up in a while and was curious about connecting a live feed video camera to Visual Cortex.
In the past I would use the mini HDMI out on the camera sent to a BlackMagic Intensity Shuttle connected to my computer and convert that to output as RGB component which I then connect to the Visual Cortex. Is there an easier way? Could i get some kind of Mini HDMI to Component cable and it would work? I seem to remember having this all set up with a live feed in a different room where there is no computer and I’m tryinbg to remember how I managed it…

@Traviss What make/model camera are you using? Does it have an A/V output?

Your current solution is certainly one fine way to convert HDMI to YPbPr. If you want to ditch the computer, there are many different converter options out there. Simply search for “HDMI to component (or YPbPr)” converters online. Some people even use an HDMI to SDI converter into an SDI to analog converter.

Here’s a thread on the forum that offers a number of user experiences and suggestions:


An easier way (and likely cheaper than any adapter you can buy) is to find a security camera with composite out like a Panasonic BLV-200 (make sure it is 120 V not all of them are assuming you’re in the US or Canada) and just plug it in. This is old school video art stuff and it works well. Less to go wrong too.