iPhone Video into Cortex

Hello Everyone,
What’s the best way to get an iPhone video feed into the Visual Cortex?
Thank you!

Just spitballing - probably a lightning to HDMI connector and some sort HDMI to composite or HDMI to component box. That would get you started.

The sky is the limit on the HDMI to component/composite part, though! I just linked something cheap.


Would probably need something like this to go to the Cortex along with the Apple lightning to HDMI adapter above. With composite, I think you will just get monochromatic.


if you want it to lock properly make sure to get one that will scale from what your phone outputs (no idea, personally) to 480i or 576i


This is a good point! The Apple adapter will give 1080p and you want NTSC or PAL for the Cortex.

this one looks good to me

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