2 questions re: TBC2

Hi! A couple questions about TBC2.

  1. What’s the latency / delay? I assume a full frame / field delay for unsynchronized sources. But what if I genlock a camera to the system? Will TBC2 introduce a full frame / field of latency? This is important, especially for video feedback and audio sync. 1/60th of a second is actually a long time, and that delay substantially changes the character of optical feedback.

  2. What resolution formats will be possible with the VGA/SCART expander? The product page says 1024x768. XGA seems kind of antique considering TBC2 itself supports up to 1080i60. Any chance of getting full HD support at the VGA input? It would be SWEET to send the video output of any generic video device such as a PC directly to TBC2, no conversion required!



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