Suggestions for using the TBC2 with a PC


Wondering if anyone has a good solution for getting a PC into the TBC2. So far, it seems like Startech DVI-VGA converter (p/n: DP2VGA2) I have doesnt produce a compatible resolution (2048x1280, 1920x1200 & 1080p at 60Hz). Probably should have checked that before getting the VGA expander… I tried forcing various resolutions and refresh rates with GPU driver but was not able to get a useable signal to TBC2. Seems like I should have gone with a component based converter instead.

Can’t help but laugh at myself for waiting a few years to then hit a wall so close to finish line because of a $20 converter!

Curious what kind of setups are working for you guys.

Thanks for any help on this one!


Look for a used AJA IO XT, native YPbPr out from your PC.

EDIT: Oops I forgot it was intended for Mac with the Thunderbolt ports but maybe you can get a converter for that stage.


I don’t have my TBC2 yet, but am going to follow this thread to see if I can learn from it. Sorry I don’t have any wisdom to share. But in general my motto is ‘buy once, cry once’. I am going the component route, have Blackmagic Design UpDownCross converters and HDMI to Component converters. These are working well with a VU003B into the synth. I’m guessing that it will work just as well with a TBC2.

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Thanks for the quick responses! Will be taking a look into those


I’ve got two HDMI > component converter I was using before I switched the system over recently.
kramer vp 422 I believe and something generic from amazon ~$50 that worked just as well as the kramer from what I could tell.

With the switch over I’m using a BMD updowncross, a couple bidirectional SDI <> HDMI, and a HDMI > SDI

I forget which two boxes are dedicated to my two computer outputs
I use a m1 mac minis’ HDMI output and an appleTV running another desktop

then with the constellation switcher I have two bmd SDI > analog boxes, one for each channel of TBC2.

I haven’t gotten the TBC2 back in the mail yet to test but I am imagining this will work even more reliably than what I was using before.

I got a VGA expander when I ordered the TBC2 because that is how I was running my system at the time. Now I’m not really using VGA so it will probably just sit in a box for a while.


Just out of curiosity before I try anymore converters, is there anything that needs to be done to TBC2 aside from just plugging in ribbon cables to get the expander to work? I see there are a couple dip switches on the back. There doesn’t seem to be a full manual for Expander or TBC2 yet so I didn’t want to just start messing with stuff.

I tested out my current DP->VGA converter on a couple different monitors and it does seem to output supported resolutions and frequencies after all.

Forcing the resolutions in the Radeon driver does have quite a few technical options for the timing standards. Could the problem be from the wrong standard / settings?


Hi @Z0NK0UT , would you please check this thread out if you get a chance. Thank you!

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Was this resolved? I’m trying VGA input and it’s not having any effect.

EDIT: I reset the firmware and VGA input is working now : )


Thats good news. I had given up. Which revision did you get to work? I tried without success on 1.0rc16 and 1.01

It seems to be a known issue that Lars is working on for next firmware release so i’ve been waiting on that.

It was 1.01 but when I reset it said 1.01lc3 (I believe, or similar) Now it only says 1.01 again and it’s not working!

It is a bit sketchy, it would accept one straight up VGA signal (from Gieskes vga oscillator) It was fairly stable, though seemed to lose sync from time to time on a slow cycle.

When I tried it with an HDMI > VGA it’s not having it either.

A pity VGA is not working yet, composite out from the RPI is terribly noisy.

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Interesting. The TBC2/ Expander doesn’t seem to like VGA converters. I unfortunately don’t have a native VGA source to check with. Hope the update comes soon!

I convert HD1080 HDMI->SDI->Component. No problems. Are you using HD1080 on your VGA?

Yes when I tried again with the same native VGA source it said ypbpr at 420p and blinked on and off.

I was using whatever the pi was set to, 720 I believe. However I don’t have an SDI to component converter.
Only HDMI to VGA, which even when pi is set to 1080 it won’t work.

If I recall correctly, the VGA expander was announced when HDMI features were removed from TBC2. Has the VGA + SCART Expander consistently worked for anyone?


I have another native VGA which does output 1080p I will have a go with this and see if VGA alone is possible again. I accidentally pressed reset firmware when the VGA was connected, and this was the time it worked. After another restart it won’t work with the device which was successful before.

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VGA is working via the expander using 1.01rc3.

I reset the firmware again to factory and it works with a native source but not an hdmi to vga converter.
Hopefully converter will be supported in later revisions.


I guess the adapter is waiting for some kind of EDID from a display (TBC2 in this case).
I think it’s worth trying something like this:
It will basically trick the HDMI-Adapter into believing that it is connected to a screen with some set resolution. Though, TBC2 should then be able to accept that resolution.


Thanks for the tip, those digital flags can be tricky in certain cases :slight_smile:

I tried again with another native vga device and the tbc2 could not recognise it. I tried some different resolution settings on the vga device but it did not work. Is there an outside range on tbc

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This thread was created 83 days ago, on Feb 19, 2023. Has the VGA + SCART Expander consistently worked for anyone? If it is working, a shared video of it’s function or a note from the manufacturer would be helpful.