TBC2 Firmware 1.0.3

Any news what’s included in this latest FW update? And are different versions required (like 1.0.2) for original Orion Panel vs. Gen3 Panel modules?

The TBC2 update adds VGA 800x600x60, VGA 1024x768x60 and 240p6004 input formats. “Additionally, crop mode was added for aspect ratio retention with SD/HD cross conversion, and hardware mode (Mk1 vs Mk2) was added to the menu so we could avoid 2 separate release binaries.” (Lars on Discord)

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Can we have these release notes under the firmware downloads please? It seems a bit strange, to me, that important info is released only on discord.

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Also, I experienced that this update has a different button layout, different buttons go left right and up down that previous update. Is that a bug? It is very hard to navigate, and I will have to downgrade a version in order to use TBC2