TBC2 (aka : Bell Tower)


@creatorlars I know that official specs won’t drop until Knobcon, but, since you opened the forum to questions… I was wondering what the best, most ideal, video file would be for the TBC2 input… 720p, 1080i, exclusively 480 or 576?
I want to get some files prepped ahead of time!!


Uncompressed native RGB formats in whatever the native format for your capture interface is (Blackmagic, etc) are likely always going to look superior to anything else. We won’t be discussing video resolutions outside 480i/576i until we get to some milestones. The hardware (meaning the selection of video encoder/decoder parts used in the assembly) is capable of everything up to 1080i/p on the DVI output and analog component outputs.

But as much as I’d like to tell you it has a gorgeous 1080p upscaling algorithm on the DVI output, if we hit a processing ceiling during implementing the larger resolutions, we will likely prioritize the quality and color depth of the signal path over the resolution of the output video. This has always been the priority for us – a high end SD instrument over a budget HD instrument, if it comes down to a trade off. The core blocks are all in place and performing beautifully though, and there’s bandwidth to spare… so the next few weeks we’ll find out just how far we can push it.


Will the tbc could be used to interface special stage world core with lzx system ?


Support for 240p/288p for World Core as well as vintage game systems (SNES, NES, etc) is definitely on the development list, we’re just going to have to see what kind of behavior we get with these formats out of the decoder parts we’ve selected. So for right now, we can promise 480i/576i, and we’ll announce support for other formats (progressive SD, HD downscaling, etc) when we can confirm them on the hardware.