TBC2 and Audio - expected uses?

I’m interested in how people are planning on using TBC2 with audio.
If I wanted to process a video that contained audio then I would need to take the video through the TBC2 and the audio could go in to my audio rig in parallel.

There are likely to be a few frames delay on the processing of the video by the TBC2 which would put it out of sync with the audio.
How are people planning on working around/with this?
Would it be feasible (or even desirable) to allow one of the TBC channels to process, delay or output audio instead of being used for a video stream?
Are there any other eurorack modules that would be suitable for doing this?

I think you could use an audio delay and adjust as needed. I use one of these currently but you could likely dedicate a eurorack delay etc as well, before compositing the video and audio together for recording. But maybe others here have a better solution?



As I understand it, TBC2 is a full frame store so it will have exactly one frame of delay. If you go into a switcher with a TBC, that will mean two frames delay. Some other gadgets (Memory Palace?) are going to introduce delay. Any device that can delay an audio signal in the range 30 to 100 milliseconds will do the trick.

RE: using video channels to carry audio. It’s got precedent in the digital domain (PCM on Betamax etc.) but I don’t know about the analog. Would have to be a bipolar signal so probably won’t work. ???

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Found this on Reverb, paid less than $300 including express shipment from South Korea … haven’t tested all features, but looks PERFECT for a front end for video capture. Analog/digital HD video standards conversion, audio delay and embedding into HD-SDI stream. Doesn’t embed audio in HDMI for some reason. But this is gonna rock the house once I get an LZX encoder.