Looking to create a frame delay with TBC2 or Memory Palace

Hi, I am just hooking up my modular after finally receiving my TBC2 recently.
I don’t see any option for a frame delay on the TBC2, but remember there was some mention of each encoder having a selectable frame delay? Is there any way to create delays or loops using the TBC2 and it’s MicroSD card?
I guess the only other option is to route through my Memory Palace. How would I simply set it up as a delay unit using the Composite output to go back into my video mixer? I don’t want any extra feedback, just showing the input with a delay.

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Definitely best to use Memory Palace for that delay effect. TBC2 doesn’t have that feature (yet?). Set your TBC2 sync format to NTSC (or PAL, if that applies to you), patch your video from TBC2 to Memory Palace and monitor/capture from Memory Palace’s output(s).


This comment totally made me realize I can send video out back into the spare TBC2 input and blend the A/B busses. Never thought about that option before! Thanks for this thread!