Can Memory Palace Take External Video Source

I’ve been playing with some source material for the memory palace. I tried loading a 720x480 video clip to the SD card. Folder appears with clips but no video file. Will a video plug-in become a feature down the line?

Welcome, Mike.
Memory Palace can animate a video clip as frames, with a 64 frame limit. You would have to split your video into frames and then put the frames (in numbered order) together in a folder. The A/B button will cycle through the frames in every mode except Warp. The Delay slider controls the animation speed.
You can send external video sources into Memory Palace using TBC2, Visual Cortex, or Vidiot.

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Thanks for the info. I looked at the modules and TBC2 looks like the best solution. Just to clarify to use the module I’d use the sync in ports in the back with a video cable correct? And the TBC2 takes any video source?

TBC2 + Memory Palace will be a very powerful combo. TBC2 accepts composite, S-Video, Component YPbPr and Component RGB inputs. Memory Palace will sync to TBC2 via the rear RCA connections.

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