Memory Palace External Sync via Cadet I

Hey folks, I’m trying to sync a Cadet I and III with a memory palace and it is not working in the least. When I choose “external sync” and route a video signal from the cadet (into I, into III, out the rca jack) into the memory palaces sync input, anything on the DVI connection isn’t able to sync at all and the analog video out is a wild mess of gltiches with rarely any picture from the cadet visible.

If I choose “internal sync” the memory palace behaves fine but obviously, anything coming from the cadet is out of sync.

If I slave the cadet to the memory palace then ramps, etc are fine but anything coming in through the Cadet III video input (like a signal from a VCR) is totally out of sync, obviously.

If I omit the memory palace and just route video from the Cadet I to the III and then out the Cadet II, things look fine so it appears that the cadet I is able to correctly sync things.

Is there something I’m missing? Is it possible that this memory palace is damaged? Are there schematics availble so I can do some troubleshooting?

VCRs have notoriously inconsistent sync signals. Do you happen to have a video mixer? I find running a VCR through a video mixer (which usually has a TBC on its inputs), provides a more consistent sync signal.

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